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  1. melek Den

    melek Den3 小时 前

    Twitter den kim kim var acaba

  2. 이종규

    이종규3 小时 前

    근데 오빠차가 낫긴낫네 아빠차훔쳐다는 가사가 뭔가 정서적으로 이상하고 대중적이지못하고 어울리는건 오빠차가 맞긴맞는데 인크레더블 하이그라운드 왜대리고감?

  3. Qwerty

    Qwerty3 小时 前

    IZ*ONE Fairest Comebacks by Percentage Margin 3rd | La Vie En Rose | (13.6%) *2nd | Fiesta | (12.16%)* 1st | Violeta | (11.4%) In Conclusion, Fiesta is a BOP (Sources: La Vie En Rose LD (ultimatekpop), Violeta LD (hexagon), Fiesta LD (Meon))

  4. 2500 top

    2500 top3 小时 前

    please come back...I really miss X1😭😭💖💖💖

  5. Crisis Castle

    Crisis Castle3 小时 前

    me duele que este grupo este en hiatus por los comentarios malos

  6. jack wu

    jack wu3 小时 前


  7. K Na

    K Na3 小时 前

    노래약간 서커스풍 착장같은거 해도 이쁠거같다. 축제풍노래라서. 메이크업도 눈물분장이나 한쪽 눈만 삐에로 눈 그리고해도 이쁠듯 분위기도이쁠거가틈 한번 음방에서 시도해줬으면..

  8. Kiwy Cale

    Kiwy Cale3 小时 前

    Sua from dreamcatcher brought me hereeee

  9. we are one EXO

    we are one EXO3 小时 前

    тоесть никто не заметил, что они стырили у ЕХО И TWICE? really?

  10. ruje ruje

    ruje ruje3 小时 前

    M-Countdown... Scream vs Fiesta... 2nd place pre voting.. I see I see. They can get at least 1 win in mcountdown.. It is now on korean wizone though.. They the one who truly can make izone get 1st win.. Put hope for k-wiz*one

  11. Santino Gómez

    Santino Gómez3 小时 前

    Que mala onda

  12. positive vibe

    positive vibe3 小时 前

    You guys should watch form of therapy ( previously kculture) reaction video. He is not like someone who reacts and shout for no reason or dislike a song because that song is not his cup of tea. But he genuinely examine the song and give his opinion because unlike others, he have knowledge about music. And he has always liked everglow because of their music , videography , members etc .

  13. KU LIl

    KU LIl3 小时 前


  14. أمل العبد

    أمل العبد3 小时 前


  15. yealing ye

    yealing ye3 小时 前


  16. Daniel Cariaso

    Daniel Cariaso3 小时 前

  17. 슈니

    슈니3 小时 前

    와 기차 통일호 ㄷㄷ

  18. 뽀쨕고운

    뽀쨕고운3 小时 前

    당신은지금 한국인의 댓글을발견하셨습니다. 축하드립니다.

  19. kahi

    kahi3 小时 前

    차은우 저리가라다 진짜 어째 저 머리가 하나도 안촌스럽고 잘어울려 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ대머리여도좋겟엉

  20. Banana Waifu

    Banana Waifu3 小时 前

    I got jumpscared at the beginning when she said "Yeah" (idk her name cuz I don't know everglow too well)

  21. 121

    1213 小时 前

    LETS GO 20M

  22. AL KOON

    AL KOON3 小时 前


  23. RMJ

    RMJ3 小时 前

    Everglow is doing a tour in the U.S.!?!? I had no idea they were coming this March!!

  24. Uddari Uddari

    Uddari Uddari3 小时 前

    Im not fan for izone but there very gooodddd

  25. 김수아

    김수아3 小时 前

    유행하는 레퍼런스 죄다 끌고 와서 컨셉이 안보이네.... 뮤비감독 진짜;;

  26. Uddari Uddari

    Uddari Uddari3 小时 前

    Izone very good its 12angls

  27. Daniel Cariaso

    Daniel Cariaso3 小时 前

  28. 섲니

    섲니3 小时 前

    이건 진짜 아닌 듯 .. ; ㅋㅋ 참

  29. Kula

    Kula3 小时 前

    okay but like, I love Nako

  30. Yan Tung Fong

    Yan Tung Fong3 小时 前

    Ok all WIZ*ONEs, I know that it's easy to surpass 20M views. Let's do it before one week past. *IZ*ONE DAEBAKKKK*

  31. kahi

    kahi3 小时 前

    어렸을때 엠넷 엄청 열심히 봤었는데 이때 감성이 훨씬좋다ㅜㅜㅜ 화려한 요즘 아이돌 노래들보다 어훙

  32. Twice Tt

    Twice Tt3 小时 前

    Everglow??? More like Mia and friends (not her fault tho)

  33. Dr Blank

    Dr Blank3 小时 前

    IZ*ONE - BLOOM*IZ 356.313 copies (1st week sales)

  34. milagro miranda

    milagro miranda3 小时 前

    Alguien 2020

  35. redkill 83

    redkill 833 小时 前


  36. Zephdo TV

    Zephdo TV3 小时 前

    Guys check this out! Omg! They look good!

  37. Cửu Thiên

    Cửu Thiên3 小时 前

    24/2/2020 ❤

  38. GBLA K

    GBLA K4 小时 前

    오래 쉰 만큼 제대로 잘 만들어서 나온 느낌. 안무 후덜덜함

  39. Кора Фидзуми

    Кора Фидзуми4 小时 前


  40. Baby Zonunsangi

    Baby Zonunsangi4 小时 前

    I have a question where's Kuanlin?

  41. Fanatic101 Lol

    Fanatic101 Lol4 小时 前

  42. Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ

    Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ4 小时 前

    ★。・::♪・゚’☆ ❤★。・::♪・゚’☆❤🎵

  43. Luna Nightmare

    Luna Nightmare4 小时 前

    Who’s the one with pink or orange hair?☺️

  44. 무쇠통닭

    무쇠통닭4 小时 前

    정말 좋아하는 노래중 하나

  45. 김재환

    김재환4 小时 前

    이태원클라쓰에 이 노래 나오면 레전드~

  46. hi

    hi4 小时 前

    stay with me to 200m !!

  47. Joyce Constantino

    Joyce Constantino4 小时 前

  48. 수민

    수민4 小时 前

    비건옵하 사랑해여😘❤️

  49. milagro miranda

    milagro miranda4 小时 前

    Es un dorama como se llama ?

  50. 수민

    수민4 小时 前

    댈옵하는 무슨뮤비를 하던 다 잘 어올림

  51. 즙레몬

    즙레몬4 小时 前

    20M 얼마 안남았다구요 위즈원들!

  52. kawaii machine

    kawaii machine4 小时 前

    Go 50 million!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  53. Karla Vazquez

    Karla Vazquez4 小时 前

    Buy your ticket to see them on tour

  54. Eri Baekhyun

    Eri Baekhyun4 小时 前

    Alright you got my attention

  55. Karla Vazquez

    Karla Vazquez4 小时 前

    60M fighting!!

  56. Poisonous Joker studios

    Poisonous Joker studios4 小时 前

    20 million views we are almost there !!!!

  57. Karla Vazquez

    Karla Vazquez4 小时 前

    Who’s going to the Atlanta show??

  58. アルトゥーロ天満

    アルトゥーロ天満4 小时 前

    Like si escuchas Fiesta me mame XD

  59. Nguyễn Shin

    Nguyễn Shin4 小时 前

    1h12p. 24/2/2020. X1. One It.

  60. Karla Vazquez

    Karla Vazquez4 小时 前


  61. Kim Rinry

    Kim Rinry4 小时 前

    Miss you Roy

  62. Karla Vazquez

    Karla Vazquez4 小时 前

    ATLANTA FOREVER there are still some general tickets!!

  63. لَا إِلَاهَ إِلاَّ اُلْلَّهَ

    لَا إِلَاهَ إِلاَّ اُلْلَّهَ4 小时 前

    Veryyyy gooddd everglow ❤❤❤😘😘 yours the kween of k pop👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  64. 수민

    수민4 小时 前

    노래 너무 좋아요 댈 옵빠😘

  65. GU1LLER

    GU1LLER4 小时 前

    20M here we go💪

  66. Karla Vazquez

    Karla Vazquez4 小时 前

    ATL FOREVER there are still some general tickets!!

  67. I BLINKed and then the ARMY had won

    I BLINKed and then the ARMY had won4 小时 前

    This is for mr snapple

  68. KingAA Guerra

    KingAA Guerra4 小时 前


  69. 수민

    수민4 小时 前

    좋은노래 만들어줘서 고마워여❤️

  70. The AS Beats

    The AS Beats4 小时 前

    ATEEZ wonderland wow!😍❤☺👏 great taste!




  72. 해피썬

    해피썬4 小时 前

    2020에도 보러옴

  73. Nebula -K

    Nebula -K4 小时 前

    와 고3때 독서시간에 국어쌤이 틀어주시던 노래 ㄷㄷ

  74. Марк Алмазов

    Марк Алмазов4 小时 前

    I like this music, I like these guys

  75. Lydia Jk

    Lydia Jk4 小时 前


  76. Rozel_61 Exol

    Rozel_61 Exol4 小时 前

    Before 200M ??? 👀

  77. Leonwoo

    Leonwoo4 小时 前

    As a FOREVER, If I have to be honest for this song, it's really disappointing. It's similar version of Adios. Nothing special. Onda and Yiren doesn't have a proper line. Actually, first part of Yiren is not Yiren's, unfortunately it's Mia's line. Yiren just lip-synced it.. Onda's part are just screaming or yelling. Choreography is nothing special too, it's combined ver. of DDU-DU DDU-DU, Adios, KTL and other choreographies. Concept is very unoriginal. Adios was 10x better than this. I don't compare this with BBC. (Although BBC is not very original, it's still better than Adios and Dun Dun.) Of course I don't blame Mia and other girls. They still deserve love and support ❣️🥰

  78. Rozel_61 Exol

    Rozel_61 Exol4 小时 前

    Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen Here for you Chen

  79. Kpop is my life Kpop is life

    Kpop is my life Kpop is life4 小时 前

    Wait a minute... where is he’s tattoos?

  80. Kpop is my life Kpop is life

    Kpop is my life Kpop is life4 小时 前

    I just felt in love 😍

  81. Ashlie Quinn

    Ashlie Quinn4 小时 前

    CIgnature has CLC and Red velvet vibes

  82. Ashlie Quinn

    Ashlie Quinn4 小时 前

    Thank you! finally a song that isn't 50% beat drop and dance break

  83. 창모팬

    창모팬4 小时 前

    불고기 못먹어도 야미야미

  84. 박소현

    박소현4 小时 前

    뮤직비디오가 조금 리쌍 발레리노 느낌나네요..! 아 진짜 선우정아님 너무 사랑해요.....

  85. Sıla İrem İlhan

    Sıla İrem İlhan4 小时 前

    I'm an EXO-L and I don't pay attention girl groups very much but, *I LOVE THIS GIRLS*

  86. Irene Farjat

    Irene Farjat4 小时 前

    Muy BUEN GRUPO.!!!

  87. Vika Phang

    Vika Phang4 小时 前

    Actor + singer + comedian 😂😂

  88. Maite D.

    Maite D.4 小时 前

    Vote in mcountdown

  89. Даша Котик

    Даша Котик4 小时 前

    Мы с подругой подсели😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  90. Leonwoo

    Leonwoo4 小时 前

    They may be a rigged group but this song is very good amd catchy. The sad thing is CJ Entertainment cheated and debuted different girls. They played with other girls' dream.

  91. Love is Blind

    Love is Blind4 小时 前


  92. Sədaqət Lətifova

    Sədaqət Lətifova4 小时 前

    *This song look like Alan walker's "play" song*

  93. Love is Blind

    Love is Blind4 小时 前


  94. Love is Blind

    Love is Blind4 小时 前


  95. Love is Blind

    Love is Blind4 小时 前


  96. tea

    tea4 小时 前

    Dear Forevers and people that comment about the ‘unfair line distribution’ of Dun Dun, I know most of you are mentioning that you don’t wanna hate on Mia but if you keep saying that she gets the most attention, that she doesn’t let other members shine or simply if you complain you are still bringing negativity even if you are trying to defend her somehow. Look, we know the line distribution isn’t the best but I’ve seen worse than that. It’s honestly not that bad, why am I saying this? Mia has a huge potential, perfect facial expressions, dance moves and a voice that fits this song perfectly. YueHua isn’t stupid. They know that, they know how much spark Mia can bring to this song and the group. It’s always going to be someone that stands out more in a group and that’s the reality. I’ve seen people that started complaining about Sihyeon having unfair lines compared to Onda in Salute. Apparently it’s not just happening to Mia now. I would suggest you stop, there’s an extremely low chance YueHua is actually seeing these comments and what’s done is already done. Your complaints don’t bring any benefits. Now you are probably going to be like, ‘oF cOuRsE yOu aRe sAyInG tHaT, yOu’Re mIa bIaSeD’. Mia isn’t my bias, I love all of the girls equally, my biases are Yiren and Sihyeon. Besides, as I already said, the company isn’t stupid. Even though Onda may not have the best center time and line amount, they make her stand out with the most iconic hair and outfit. It’s not like she’s being invisible because she really isn’t and you know it too well.

  97. Wayne Liu

    Wayne Liu4 小时 前


  98. Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz4 小时 前

    Is funny cause I'm a boy and in high school they used to laugh at me for listening to this and watching this video lol, but i still love it nowadays

  99. K kun

    K kun4 小时 前

    길이형 보고싶다 진짜 티비에 나왔을때가 좋았는데 진짜 너무 아쉽다 .... 하

  100. jeniel cross

    jeniel cross4 小时 前

    I love you hoody