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Her Blue Sky - 60 s TVC
  1. Marj 27

    Marj 275 小时 前

    Still listening 2020❤

  2. Crafts and Diy

    Crafts and Diy天 前


  3. Viege_ Velvet

    Viege_ Velvet天 前

    I don't know why tose characters feels like reincarnation of other characters

  4. Third Pizarro

    Third Pizarro2 天 前

    Hi you so cool

  5. Lucía

    Lucía3 天 前

    What the fuck happened and what happened with Ryuk!?

  6. ale xx

    ale xx3 天 前

    I seen everything now..

  7. Jovana Cobovic

    Jovana Cobovic4 天 前

    V. Vbvbb

  8. Cynn Ting

    Cynn Ting4 天 前

  9. Charlotte morrow Morrow

    Charlotte morrow Morrow5 天 前

    How death note really should have ended

  10. Poonam Mishra

    Poonam Mishra5 天 前

    I beg you ...i beg you ....please release in india ...❤

  11. Andy Yang

    Andy Yang6 天 前

    Something must had happen to the ex in the past. Uhm basically to sum it up younger sister falls in love with older sister ex. Younger sister try to hook them back up. He takes her to the past, present and future. Older sister is torn between ex and current boyfriend, miserable life. In the end older sister pick current boyfriend. She say her goodbye. Ex return to his timeline. Younger sister is crying. Years pass. Younger sister now graduated living on her own which coincidentally meet older sister ex again. Not the one from the past. But present. He is either waiting for her, died, or happily married. Everyone move on with their life.

  12. Zeus Solomon Olivar

    Zeus Solomon Olivar6 天 前

    Watched this on the cinema MOVIE ENDED WITHOUT THAT OOMPH

  13. DucklyJace

    DucklyJace6 天 前

    Only reason death note started because the teacher put light next to the window

  14. magykbookworm7

    magykbookworm77 天 前

    i need to watch this movie, does anybody know where i can watch it online?

  15. 心慧

    心慧7 天 前


  16. LIGHT

    LIGHT7 天 前

    Better than the original music video

  17. ElzaFore

    ElzaFore8 天 前

    1:23 is it me or is that the same warehouse that was in anohana?

  18. Vanessa Tabares

    Vanessa Tabares8 天 前

    This I’m going

  19. Just Monika

    Just Monika8 天 前

    This Gonna Have Sad Ending Does It?

  20. Sandy Khieu

    Sandy Khieu8 天 前

    I can't get enough of the overload cuteness when Takeru spaeking English!!! so adorable

  21. Kano Valentine

    Kano Valentine8 天 前

    "I'm not crying"

  22. adam kahiri

    adam kahiri10 天 前

    So this is sequel to darling in the franxx

  23. jp diola

    jp diola11 天 前

    Done watching its so goood

  24. Slash

    Slash11 天 前

    That Gibson headstock at 0:40 hurts me and that damn marshall not having its signiture black and gold ;(

  25. Luna Kat

    Luna Kat12 天 前

    Where can I watch this movie with subtitles???????

  26. Yasin Ghanti

    Yasin Ghanti13 天 前


  27. anon imity

    anon imity14 天 前

    what's the song that plays in the nding credits of this movie? its beautifully haunting

  28. anon imity

    anon imity14 天 前

    i didn't know this was adapted from a game, it felt like a game, but i was still hit with the feels, and i can just say DAMN

  29. Aqua The Dead Queen

    Aqua The Dead Queen15 天 前

    By hearing anime’s beautiful and sad song I can feel the sadness from anime before watching it.

  30. Jamespatrick Ampunan

    Jamespatrick Ampunan15 天 前

    oh ahoana in movie form

  31. M -Z

    M -Z15 天 前

    I'm so excited! This is my favorite game.

  32. NICE Boy

    NICE Boy16 天 前

    Nice song

  33. Drawing with Zam

    Drawing with Zam18 天 前

    Oop i thought this was melanie martinez

  34. Jackielyn Fan

    Jackielyn Fan18 天 前

    when will this movie will be shown?

  35. anjo

    anjo19 天 前

    whats the name of movie

  36. Icha_Adit Prayoga

    Icha_Adit Prayoga20 天 前

    Suka deh sama lirik nadanya😊 Lagunya juga keren 👍👍

  37. N 13

    N 1321 天 前

    The Film is also a Case about a Virus Just like the Corona Virus!!!

  38. STVIO LOL 719

    STVIO LOL 71922 天 前

    What about light

  39. Katelyn Nixon

    Katelyn Nixon22 天 前


  40. Nephilim1977

    Nephilim197724 天 前

    Saw it tonight. Okay finally a GOOD game movie.

  41. Ülfan Bakinec

    Ülfan Bakinec26 天 前

    Lan bu cin min videolarina qulag asmiyin koronaya tutularsiz

  42. brenda duenas

    brenda duenas27 天 前

    ,: +. )

  43. Dan Kun

    Dan Kun27 天 前

    samahan niyo ako manood

  44. DreamFishr

    DreamFishr28 天 前

    I loved this game so much! I really hope to see it!

  45. Sally Oyen

    Sally Oyen28 天 前

    I live

  46. STVIO LOL 719

    STVIO LOL 71929 天 前

    Better than netflix

  47. Hope Mill

    Hope Mill29 天 前


  48. Rian Deshader

    Rian Deshader个月 前

    Op akzlmaLp,pllxcldcmji Mix Oj#@pKJxmAiowikiqsikdsqiksdcddkekicdsjodiojcdiijojojoimdlkdmz Lx,Amal Poke. JkiiwidKkk8skoedwk3ik, Hhyyyggyygvh b +veer

  49. Jen soo

    Jen soo个月 前

    i hope they kept wei alive this time.. I'd be heart broken the second time if he's dead too 😭

  50. Kazuto Uzumaki

    Kazuto Uzumaki个月 前

    I need drug

  51. Toby Murray

    Toby Murray个月 前


  52. Hunan Express

    Hunan Express个月 前

    We’ll be alright my favorite

  53. Bang Si-hyuk Hitman Bang

    Bang Si-hyuk Hitman Bang个月 前

    The director directed works like: Toradora, Honey and Clover, The Anthem of the Heart and Ano Natsu De Matteru so I expect some aesthetic/nostalgic kind of feel(?) scenes. As for the plot/story, well the writer is the one who wrote: Vampire Knight, Toradora, Black Butler, Gosick, Anohana, Pet Girl Sakurasou, Nagi no Asu and Maquia so...yESSS

  54. Miguel A R Cachero

    Miguel A R Cachero个月 前

    No Bad Robot Production pls!!!🙄

  55. Gazel Serman

    Gazel Serman个月 前

    Bu ne lan 😅😂

  56. KillerTacos

    KillerTacos个月 前

    Artstyle reminds me of Darling in the Franxx and Your Name

  57. TheDoodlingGirl

    TheDoodlingGirl个月 前

    I love the game, cannot not wait to see this!!

  58. Erika Siburian

    Erika Siburian个月 前

    Pengen nonton tapi takut anjirr

  59. M.R. Cull

    M.R. Cull个月 前

    When I prefer these to the Netflix film. Netflix dun goof'd.

  60. XD张景荣

    XD张景荣个月 前

    The scariest psychological horror movie ever

  61. amy li

    amy li个月 前

    This movie was intense But the ending not good for me.

  62. X7 Haruna

    X7 Haruna个月 前

    is it good ?

  63. Smiling Basil

    Smiling Basil个月 前

    Is there a way to watch this movie with english subtitles ?



    Is there an english version I can watch this?

  65. Pauline Lavern

    Pauline Lavern个月 前

    Fxxking stupid video.

  66. Its Hannah

    Its Hannah个月 前

    I love the game😁👍🏻

  67. Triple Gaming

    Triple Gaming个月 前

    Whats the name of the girl the one who is bully?

  68. Ravenex2

    Ravenex2个月 前

    Cringe lol

  69. Annonymus GAMING

    Annonymus GAMING个月 前

    Silent Hill **Taiwanese Beam** Detention

  70. Heyo itsme

    Heyo itsme个月 前


  71. Skyler Fox

    Skyler Fox个月 前

    Who asked for this???

  72. ZarchieOfficial

    ZarchieOfficial个月 前

    Davie504 reacts to this trailer: sees 1:04 Wait is that a BASS I BET SHE CAN SLAPP IT

  73. Sharkfin Life

    Sharkfin Life个月 前

    But Why

  74. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro个月 前

    It is copy from the game but i wonder will there anything change from this movie?

  75. Ins Mioshitash

    Ins Mioshitash个月 前


  76. Suga Eilish :v

    Suga Eilish :v个月 前

    tatsuya fujiwara 😍

  77. omookylixx

    omookylixx个月 前


  78. Dave PH // Dave Dev

    Dave PH // Dave Dev个月 前

    It relly look like Itomori From Your name

  79. Teri Toney

    Teri Toney个月 前


  80. Alex Moore

    Alex Moore个月 前

    Привет с России, Потрясающий трейлер

  81. RubyRuby - San [ ART ]

    RubyRuby - San [ ART ]个月 前

    Ryooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  82. Fay Johnson

    Fay Johnson个月 前

    It death note doing ppap pinaple pen dance XD

  83. Anna Quintana

    Anna Quintana个月 前

    Y vaginitis,leflkekhuthgrdtjvrtsbkfc. Kl

  84. Star Colvin

    Star Colvin个月 前

    I can sing to

  85. marie andoyan

    marie andoyan个月 前

    I love this movie. Ive seen it over and over... Nice story. Thanks to the writer

  86. amanda smith

    amanda smith个月 前

    saddddufdt gf

  87. Franzen De Honor

    Franzen De Honor个月 前

    part 2 please!

  88. Franzen De Honor

    Franzen De Honor个月 前

    I really love this movie.

  89. Jess Kang

    Jess Kang个月 前

    The saddest part was when the girl was tied up new the taiwanese flag

  90. you read this in your mind ,right?

    you read this in your mind ,right?个月 前

    Oh my straight up inspired from the game,I wonder what might be different

  91. Motion&Emotion

    Motion&Emotion2 个月 前

    Their acting are really amazing

  92. Bruh T

    Bruh T2 个月 前

    So this is what Tamaki was on about in the first chapter

  93. Sea Fury

    Sea Fury2 个月 前

    Am I the only one that thinks that this is accurate ;-;

  94. LS Lexus

    LS Lexus2 个月 前

    When I can watch this drama in french ?! Please !😢

  95. Lanies Tan

    Lanies Tan2 个月 前