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Smartphone Awards 2019!


2 个月 前

Console Wars!

Console Wars!

3 个月 前

Testing Real 5G: Part 2!
5G: Explained!

5G: Explained!

6 个月 前

The iPhone 11 Models!
The iPad Only Challenge!
Top 5 iOS 13 Features!
  1. Frik Frak

    Frik Frak5 小时 前

    I thought you were still shooting your videos in your room. :(

  2. Nikita Sarnaik

    Nikita Sarnaik5 小时 前

    Are there going to be skateboards to roam around?

  3. Jehan Fernando

    Jehan Fernando5 小时 前

    Marques wb starting out on laptop reviews??

  4. Shihab Mohammed

    Shihab Mohammed5 小时 前

    How much is the new studio?

  5. Swastik Swarup Das

    Swastik Swarup Das5 小时 前

    I bet this is one of those mars colonies, he's been living in for 3 weeks now.

  6. Shiv Skills

    Shiv Skills5 小时 前


  7. Daniel Scotcher

    Daniel Scotcher5 小时 前

    Awesome space, started watching you back in the uni room, now becoming a massive empire

  8. Chabchoub Mehdi

    Chabchoub Mehdi5 小时 前

    Architecture student here ! i think you'll need to work on the acoustics of the open area's roof (partially if needed), the echo will persist a bit if you Don't, other than that please Don't forget about the sound that the air conditioning and vents will generate in the summer ! oh and the "chilling room", thats a must ;) keep up the work and thank you for your amazing content !

  9. Kolin Buckley

    Kolin Buckley5 小时 前

    That place is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Wi Fine

    Wi Fine5 小时 前

    Why are you floating

  11. William MacDonald

    William MacDonald5 小时 前

    None of this space or kit is cheap and the creativeness that makes it all work successfully deserves 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼!

  12. MoiMat

    MoiMat5 小时 前

    You can try electric cars 0 to 60 mph in your studio

  13. Arjun Simha

    Arjun Simha5 小时 前

    Marques: easily the messiest of any of the spaces you’ve seen Linus: hold my beer

  14. Daniel Scotcher

    Daniel Scotcher5 小时 前

    Them windows need a good clean 😂

  15. 3BD2LAH HR

    3BD2LAH HR5 小时 前

    You can put the tesla aginst the window 😅

  16. Murty Yalamarty

    Murty Yalamarty5 小时 前


  17. Naitkroler !!!

    Naitkroler !!!5 小时 前

    The windows were a little dirty...

  18. Nick R

    Nick R5 小时 前

    Boy I wish I was that rich

  19. Harshil Dixit

    Harshil Dixit5 小时 前

    Congratulations marques on your new studio , hope to see you working here soon

  20. Xavier GL

    Xavier GL5 小时 前

    Who else wants to see a house tour now?

  21. Indy

    Indy5 小时 前

    This is the most excited i've seen Marques in a long time and its really sweet. Can't wait for the progress videos on the new space! if anyone can use all that room to do something amazing, its you guys

  22. FiniteFishy

    FiniteFishy5 小时 前

    Damn that’s a beautiful space :O Idk why but I feel like you should have a red Tesla model s right in the middle

  23. Tanay Pandey

    Tanay Pandey5 小时 前

    Super excited for all the new content we will get to see in this studio😍🙌🙌

  24. Leon Dlamini

    Leon Dlamini5 小时 前

    Video: 02:37 Me: Oh Fucken God!!! that shit beautiful

  25. Ignatius Cley

    Ignatius Cley5 小时 前

    In 2020 this seems like ages ago even though it's just 3 years ago

  26. Piyush Aswani

    Piyush Aswani5 小时 前

    The last bit looks like you are standing in front of a background prop. Like some generic internet comercial. 😅

  27. Brandon Gale

    Brandon Gale5 小时 前

    What’s the intro song? I’m not finding it on the linked Spotify playlist.

  28. legendary8ts

    legendary8ts5 小时 前

    Amazing stuff I remember watching your videos way back in the day. You've turned this channel into a full blown Corp. It's an inspiration to see stuff like this.

  29. Tim datoolman

    Tim datoolman5 小时 前

    CNgos has been very very good to my Man Marques, and vise versa. Good job that's awesome.

  30. agentarenas

    agentarenas5 小时 前

    i feel like a proud dad

  31. Rizwan

    Rizwan5 小时 前

    It looks like marques is gonna start his own airport in this studio😂, insanely big studio.

  32. TJ

    TJ5 小时 前

    sink stuff

  33. Kanan Dadashzade

    Kanan Dadashzade5 小时 前

    This looks SICK

  34. B S

    B S5 小时 前

    Looks like you are on the first floor now, I would be super careful about deterring theft, security system? Security guard? Just want to make sure your team and your teams gear stay safe!

  35. Lawrence is on cam

    Lawrence is on cam5 小时 前

    Can y’all help me get rich like him on CNgos please sub

  36. Abdulhameed Mustapha

    Abdulhameed Mustapha5 小时 前

    I would be there someday. And possibly work for you and chat with you sir

  37. ibrahim handour

    ibrahim handour5 小时 前

    The best youtuber so far in the technology world

  38. Euten Tv

    Euten Tv5 小时 前

    well deserved

  39. Nanas82

    Nanas825 小时 前

    You've went long ways since your bedroom time. Props.

  40. Guilherme Teixeira

    Guilherme Teixeira5 小时 前

    Man please hire an interior designer

  41. Ganesh Ram

    Ganesh Ram5 小时 前

    141k th view

  42. Carlos05live25

    Carlos05live255 小时 前

    2020 checking in

  43. Jasper Cox

    Jasper Cox5 小时 前

    Why try so hard to do things on an Ipad? Why not just make life easier and use a proper laptop?

  44. Mandeep Kalsi

    Mandeep Kalsi5 小时 前

    Big yyt channel and company inside movie very bad

  45. Christyandi K

    Christyandi K5 小时 前

    Can't wait for linus to inspect the new studio and then complaints about velcro ties.

  46. random viewer

    random viewer5 小时 前

    You can shoot Auto Focus episodes right in the studio now :D

  47. Nerfclasher Productions

    Nerfclasher Productions5 小时 前

    Looks like he pulled a Linus tech tips

  48. PegLeg Giraffe

    PegLeg Giraffe5 小时 前

    He looks like he's in front of a green screen at the end

  49. TheXAstray

    TheXAstray5 小时 前

    How many crew do you have

  50. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams5 小时 前

    WOW, exciting, thanks so much for the walk/talk thru. A look at the absolute fresh start will make the creation of it so interesting. Can hardly imagine filling it all. Done by summer????? Hmmm! Wish you truckloads of good fortune w/ this Marques, very exciting.

  51. kenzie

    kenzie5 小时 前

    *please roller skate*

  52. Carter McHugh

    Carter McHugh5 小时 前

    portable tech -> vehicle tech -> building tech What's the tesla of buildings? Would love to see a Marques review of some high tech architecture

  53. Artistic Priya

    Artistic Priya5 小时 前

    Sponsored by Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

  54. Gray Filtered

    Gray Filtered5 小时 前

    I can already see them salivating, taking notes , copy-pasting ideas they never even thought of , just to promote their shitty channels .

  55. Ezwan Rohman

    Ezwan Rohman5 小时 前

    1:53 confirmed MKBHD is a fellow 9yo

  56. Mark Zucc

    Mark Zucc5 小时 前


  57. Daniel R

    Daniel R5 小时 前

    With the extra rooms and space you can always lease them to other creators. Bring more creative energy into your place and give people the opportunity to be in an environment that will grow and build their curiosity.

  58. Rishi Raj

    Rishi Raj5 小时 前

    Make a gaming room

  59. Anthony Iloenyosi

    Anthony Iloenyosi5 小时 前

    I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU MAN !!!!!! I've been following you since you were in your dorm room. It's incredible how much you've grown since then ! Cheers to infinity and beyond !

  60. Srijan Chakraborty

    Srijan Chakraborty5 小时 前

    This makes me incredibly happy. So proud of where you have come. Wishing you nothing but success

  61. robbie jobbie

    robbie jobbie5 小时 前

    i don't even know how to thank you for creating content the millions of us love and for always keep on trying to bring something new in each and every video. You the real MVP!!!

  62. Hackintosh

    Hackintosh5 小时 前

    MKBHD. While it’s still a big open space, you should get wheels for the Mac Pro, then have your staff to push you & see how far you can ride the Mac Pro down the straightaway 😂 call it the Mac Pro Wheels review

  63. Flox Film

    Flox Film5 小时 前

    Filmed on the canon r and dji ronnin m

  64. L Faker son

    L Faker son5 小时 前

    The only person to shoot behind the scenes with a red

  65. Nicolò Di Filippo

    Nicolò Di Filippo5 小时 前

    Still waiting for the matte black studio

  66. Kenshin11

    Kenshin115 小时 前

    I have experience building out studios, also can recommend a really good architect who specializes in acoustics. maybe one of a handful in the country it's really at the TV broadcast level

  67. Arne-Kristian Nerleir Søtorp

    Arne-Kristian Nerleir Søtorp5 小时 前

    Super cool with the vlog type video. Felt kind of relaxed and nice seeing this side of you, as what we are used to is the extremely high-quality videos we have come to love. I hope we get to see more like this in the future.

  68. Daniel  Burgos

    Daniel Burgos5 小时 前

    I love the tour the new space is beautiful but I don't think sharing the floor plan of the space is a smart idea there are some weirdos out there

  69. Sweetan Bandodkar

    Sweetan Bandodkar5 小时 前

    You can use one of the rooms as gaming room. I know you dont game a lot but you can put a tv and a console along with a few bin bag chairs o something

  70. Mandeep Kalsi

    Mandeep Kalsi5 小时 前

    I think the video team could have done a better job. Think tv

  71. Rahul patil

    Rahul patil5 小时 前

    Me earlier-MKBHD would have most systematic workspace Me now- Pikachu face

  72. Ibtehaj Ali

    Ibtehaj Ali5 小时 前

    Can't wait to see the finished studio. Looks like a dope space.

  73. Sivaram Karanam

    Sivaram Karanam5 小时 前

    wow, im amazed that ad-revenue is enough to be able to afford all of this

  74. Brandon Anders

    Brandon Anders5 小时 前

    You need all that to make youtube videos? The fuck lol

  75. Ahmed Moallim Hashi Mohamed

    Ahmed Moallim Hashi Mohamed5 小时 前

    Too much lights, .my eyes can't handle it.

  76. Vikas Sikarwal

    Vikas Sikarwal5 小时 前

    This all in all seemed like rich guy troubles

  77. EH Shafin

    EH Shafin5 小时 前

    make a gaming room 🔥 you can also use a space for going lives and all other social media stuffs hope you like my comment peace ✌

  78. Harsh Gautam

    Harsh Gautam5 小时 前

    Can we have one Matte black room??

  79. Dim B

    Dim B5 小时 前

    Just remember to line up those red triangles/black squares perfectly on the wall this time around. draw some crosses for the love of god.

  80. shyamal ghosal

    shyamal ghosal5 小时 前

    Room for dayyyyyyssss

  81. Oyatillo Hamdamov

    Oyatillo Hamdamov5 小时 前

    All these look crazy awesome

  82. Zach Downey

    Zach Downey5 小时 前

    Seems like just the other day you were making videos in your bedroom. Wow! Congrats on your much deserved success!!

  83. Adam Laufenburger

    Adam Laufenburger5 小时 前

    It’s cool, but do you really need it to continue your success? Seems a little like overkill to me.

  84. hari shankar

    hari shankar5 小时 前

    all these for yt?

  85. Martin Petersen

    Martin Petersen5 小时 前

    Oh ohhhhh, papa Linus i catching up MB

  86. Bando Baby

    Bando Baby5 小时 前

    Still waiting for the transition from MKBHD to MKB8K

  87. the GreyMack

    the GreyMack5 小时 前

    Honestly the videos are great however there's many much smaller budget youtubers making just as good videos without the need for this massive video studio. There's TV stations that don't have this much kit and space. And I'm just playing devils advocate but the videos he does are mostly phones......... Really. But as I said his videos are great 😁

  88. papa snarf

    papa snarf5 小时 前

    I think one of the rooms should be a retro designed room too look like his old room and to film like things that are kinda old just for memories sake I guess

  89. Siva Subramaniyam

    Siva Subramaniyam5 小时 前

    So called growth!! Great, appreciated you!!

  90. Jerry Gomez

    Jerry Gomez5 小时 前

    So is this gonna be Studio M now

  91. Ryan K

    Ryan K5 小时 前

    i just noticed the join button- since when was that a thing!

  92. Tony Romello

    Tony Romello5 小时 前

    So are you hiring?

  93. Brian Florido

    Brian Florido5 小时 前

    I'm not going to lie. I think your going overboard. I love the passion and I love the dedication you are putting behind every video you are doing but maybe you are going a little bit over board? It just feels like there's way too much going on for the sake of the videos and I just hope it doesn't get to that point where you think the space and material isn't enough when a lot of what has your audience came from was from your simplistic and easy to discuss videos. I'm again glad that you are progressing but I do hope you don't go too over board or get overwhelmed by everything

  94. Jack Martin

    Jack Martin5 小时 前

    Oh boyeee..... CONGRATULATIONS Its not only mobile screens, The studios are getting bigger too...😉🥰

  95. Tony Romello

    Tony Romello5 小时 前


  96. Wasim Abbas

    Wasim Abbas5 小时 前

    Please rent out half of the space to Louis Rossmann...

  97. Tanay Pandey

    Tanay Pandey5 小时 前

    Did no like the color correction in this also too little contrast

  98. Alexis Flores

    Alexis Flores5 小时 前

    Where you got the cabinet console in 0:50

  99. Mr. Shark

    Mr. Shark5 小时 前

    *paints everything matte black*

  100. Dohn Joe

    Dohn Joe5 小时 前

    Hairs gettin' longer...GROW THA FRO BRO, GO RETRO!