Too Close To Touch - "Chasing Highs"

"Chasing Highs" by Too Close To Touch from 'I'm Hard To Love, But So Are You, Vol. 3,' available now
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  1. Steven Kunz

    Steven Kunz个月 前

    They where chasing highs, that’s why they made this radio single guys. Still good tho.

  2. Versace Cam

    Versace Cam2 个月 前

    Good for them for evolving to stay relevant in such a harsh music business. This sounds amazing! You guys are doing it right

  3. Music_is _life_36

    Music_is _life_362 个月 前

    yikes, this is ass cheeks.

  4. James Robinson

    James Robinson2 个月 前

    I Love this song!!! It sounds awesome! From one of the best bands in years

  5. Vinícius Wittig Vianna

    Vinícius Wittig Vianna2 个月 前


  6. Angela R

    Angela R2 个月 前

    Chasing highs, lies, tales, fuck it I like this damn song.

  7. Kristin sutton

    Kristin sutton3 个月 前

    I love all the music ever released. And this song is so good!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Alex Barnes

    Alex Barnes3 个月 前

    Geez guys its one song get over it. Still a great song fun to sing along too. I also listen to bands like Reflections, Currents, Landmvrks, Imminece alot heavier stuff so just enjoy it for what it is or go listen to something you enjoy?

  9. Alef Pedro

    Alef Pedro3 个月 前

    Que música ❤😊👊

  10. Dalton Mcmillan

    Dalton Mcmillan3 个月 前

    Yea this is great for a solo artist..... but this sucks for this band

  11. Loão Jacerda

    Loão Jacerda3 个月 前

    Não conheço as músicas antigas, mas gostei dessa. É divertida

  12. William Cook

    William Cook3 个月 前

    Yes, it's not a very good song...but to be fair, some of the other stuff they've put out this year has been pretty killer.

  13. Rektifi

    Rektifi3 个月 前

    go woke, go broke. selling out always ends terribly. what kind of rock fans would just start liking generic shit pop like this?

  14. Camron Lee

    Camron Lee3 个月 前

    Hoping they come back with their post hardcore stuff. Tbh they could be taking a break for a couple albums. I know we want the emotion and screams but that has a effect on the vocals and hurts the voice in the long run. I mean BMTH is a good example. Even tho oli can still kinda scream he doesn’t do it a ton bc it hurts so he had to evolve. I’m hoping this band just comes back with one more big banger tho

  15. spencer kairi

    spencer kairi3 个月 前

    I can’t even believe this is the same band that made haven’t been myself...they are free to do whatever, of course....but God, was I hoping for something along the lines of Burn.

  16. Cory Simpson

    Cory Simpson3 个月 前

    Keep doing you fellas I'll support you regardless of what route you take. I will love every single one of your songs equally!

  17. Yuri Fazio

    Yuri Fazio3 个月 前

    Congrats on moving to the next TCTT level, sounds good even without heavy guitars or double kicks! I Can’t wait for this next album 👏🏻👏🏻 you guys never disappoints 🤙🏻

  18. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey4 个月 前


  19. Scotty Soto

    Scotty Soto4 个月 前

    I’ve Seen this band live 4 times and they were bad ass. The lyrics and raw emotion as he sang the songs now we get this pop music....

  20. Mr. Ry

    Mr. Ry4 个月 前

    To sum up the song, it's "meh"

  21. Derk Ender

    Derk Ender4 个月 前

    Imagine Dragons

  22. strangerman

    strangerman4 个月 前

    sorry, this is the first song im not feelign at all

  23. Kleiren dug

    Kleiren dug4 个月 前

    Bandas como "Too close to touch" y "Emarosa" pareciera que nos quieren llevar de vuelta a los años 80 con sus ultimos albun's. En lo personal prefiero las canciones de Emarosa, son más melodicas, y pues TCTT sus ultimas canciones no es tan mal, pero siento que falta algo más, no estan genial como sus canciones anteriores; ustedes me entienden creo.

  24. Amanda C

    Amanda C4 个月 前

    What originally drew me to TCTT was the emotion when the lyrics were sung. It gave me chills. Yeah I’d sing to this at a concert and support then but I’ll still always be hoping for the same chills I got when I listened to Haven’t Been Myself or Nerve Endings. I just don’t see that happening with stuff in this style

  25. Max Sadless

    Max Sadless4 个月 前

    Interesting sound guys, this song stuck in my mind already

  26. Ryan Cole

    Ryan Cole4 个月 前

    What are ya'll doin?.... your fans don't want boring...

  27. Alex Wishart

    Alex Wishart2 个月 前

    Ryan Cole what do you meaaaaan??? This song SLAPS

  28. Vincent Toia

    Vincent Toia4 个月 前

    This is so great. Love the music

  29. WithoutAChance64

    WithoutAChance644 个月 前

    Thought this song was from an ad first until I realized there's no skip button

  30. C A S S Y

    C A S S Y4 个月 前

    Its definately different. Its not a banger but i love the nostalgic feeling of it. Its nice to see this side of them❤

  31. Adam Hutton

    Adam Hutton4 个月 前

    Cant wait to cover this.

  32. Mikha'il Paragon

    Mikha'il Paragon4 个月 前

    Aaaaand elevator music

  33. Luke Hutchinson

    Luke Hutchinson4 个月 前

    Everybody be going mad because it's alt rock but tbh it's not that bad

  34. Mr RagingPhoenix

    Mr RagingPhoenix4 个月 前

    I think people are equating screaming with emotionality which isn’t at all true and I don’t mind if this band goes in the pop direction but I do hope they keep the emotion which I do admit this song doesn’t feel it as much but still that doesn’t mean there’s no emotion just because he’s not screaming

  35. Seiryu

    Seiryu4 个月 前

    Well, I think this is become my favorite now in the EPs. I love the diversity they put in every song in these EPs, and I'm really happy that I found this band last year🖤. I wonder if there's going to be a “Vol.4"?

  36. vol de mork

    vol de mork4 个月 前

    I just want to say thank you guys, you're awesome// do what you want

  37. Geronuis

    Geronuis4 个月 前

    im all for growth, but it feels like you grew into a soccer mom band,.. I love every song before this. this isn't even bad, just feel I've heard this before from way less talented groups/musicians.

  38. Hell Boy

    Hell Boy4 个月 前

    Amazing song🔥🔥🔥

  39. Steve Soo

    Steve Soo4 个月 前

    I'm Hard to Love, But So Are You progression: Vol !: Upgrade Vol 2: Upgrade Vol 3: f**k, go back!

  40. Kale Norman

    Kale Norman4 个月 前

    This is a band who has a different sound for whatever mood you’re feeling. Enjoy that, people.

  41. xXhazeviewXx

    xXhazeviewXx4 个月 前

    Last 3 albums (EP's) have been beyond boring this song is a little catchy though so is I'm hard to love but so are you but those are the only 2 good songs out of the last 9, but this one is ONLY good in comparison with the last 9 songs. Compared to their 2 albums this becomes trash. Sorry to say I think I've fallen out of love with this band.

  42. AllieFx

    AllieFx4 个月 前

    Love it

  43. Jack Havenar

    Jack Havenar4 个月 前

    Didn't even realize that this was the band that made Nerve Endings. This is generic as hell. Could be on pop radio.

  44. Chris Honesto

    Chris Honesto4 个月 前

    I get experimenting and evolving, but I honestly feel like this is just a shot in the dark at reaching to be mainstream or maybe just pressure from the label. I'm a sucker for a good post pop song, but this just seems dead compared to the direction they were going with Burn, LYL, ect.. I feel like they're creativity just saturated into something that's cookie cutter, and that's why I don't like this. So there's no need for the "Well you should evolve with the band" nonsense lol

  45. Derp'zy Entertainment

    Derp'zy Entertainment4 个月 前

    man "where's the screaming" is really the most toxic thing a fan can say about a band. It pisses me off so much. Just let bands change and do what they want. I'm sure there's plenty of other bands out there who cater to your specific needy wants. This, however, is great

  46. Alex Barnes

    Alex Barnes3 个月 前

    Derp'zy Entertainment thank you! People are pathetic these days so much negativity and hatred. I love deathcore, metalcore, post hardcore, drum & bass, rap blah blah blah just love MUSIC that you love and leave the rest for others to enjoy!!

  47. Liam Barrett

    Liam Barrett4 个月 前

    Derp'zy Entertainment interesting does not ever equal generic. But I understand that “good” is subjective. All i’m trying to say is that they can change into whatever type of band you want but your fanbase from music before won’t respect you as much if it’s generic and cookie cutter.

  48. Derp'zy Entertainment

    Derp'zy Entertainment4 个月 前

    @Liam Barrett both "good" and "interesting" are completely subjective concepts, and what youre basically saying is "change into stuff i like or dont change at all"

  49. Liam Barrett

    Liam Barrett4 个月 前

    They don’t have to scream, but this is just generic and boring. If you’re going to change, at least make it good and interesting like loads of other bands have done

  50. Nick May

    Nick May4 个月 前

    When a band builds a following on a certain sound obviously we expect that sound when listening to their music moving forward. This is not what I have come to know from them and I've been a fan for a while and even met the band a few times. Not all their songs need screaming to be good but this sounds like over produced radio rock not the gritty emotional edgy stuff they normally make.

  51. snapon29

    snapon294 个月 前

    So generic. Where's the passion, where's the emotion of their past songs?

  52. Justin Walker

    Justin Walker4 个月 前

    Nice to see keaton writing songs he might actually be able to sing live. Dudes got a great voice but horrible technique to have any endurance. Simpler songs are better for him for now.

  53. Jordan Ficks

    Jordan Ficks4 个月 前

    I enjoyed all 3 songs nice work 👍

  54. NextGen Duelist

    NextGen Duelist4 个月 前

    Why are bands taking the mainstream direction? What happened to originality and screams?

  55. Syco Fire

    Syco Fire3 个月 前

    @Logan Reid Media they did scream dumbass

  56. Derk Ender

    Derk Ender4 个月 前

    I don't need screams I can live with out that, but this is boring and cliche, it sounds like Imagine Dragons.

  57. Nick May

    Nick May4 个月 前

    @Logan Reid Media not heavy but gritty and edgy for sure. They lost that in what I've heard of the new album

  58. Logan Reid Media

    Logan Reid Media4 个月 前

    @J!SH I have, it was meh. You remember the first single this band had was "pretty little thing" they aren't a heavy band lol

  59. J!SH

    J!SH4 个月 前

    Logan Reid Media you ever heard songs like, leave you lonely?

  60. Nathan R

    Nathan R4 个月 前

    Some bands evolve as they get softer. And that’s great, they can do what they want with their art. It’s just a shame these guys have lost their emotion, lyrical quality, and interesting instrumentals. It’s all turned simple and repetitive and that’s what makes it boring, not the fact that it’s soft.

  61. Patrick Damacet

    Patrick Damacet2 个月 前

    @KoaAbyss id say lets wait for the next album. always bands experiment through EPs. look at BMTH last EP. just wait for the new album

  62. KoaAbyss

    KoaAbyss2 个月 前

    I see these EPs are experiments, just about every song in these string of EPs has felt different - I wouldn't count that as their new definitive sound because that'd just be silly. Though judging by the rest of the comments, that's what everyone else is thinking sadly.

  63. Derk Ender

    Derk Ender4 个月 前

    Some bands can go with change and sound amazing, others can't. Some bands need to just stick to what they do the best. Thats not a bad thing at all. Its nice to see them changing it up but this is a lousy change, and something that makes them cliche and boring.

  64. Ericaaa Sue

    Ericaaa Sue4 个月 前

    I really love this. Dont like it, turn it off and quit being a hater. Learn to evolve with your "favorite" bands and consider being more open.

  65. Horizons 83

    Horizons 834 个月 前

    This is so so bad

  66. Potato tomato

    Potato tomato4 个月 前

    I love it, this whole album is beautifully written.

  67. Cody Dyar

    Cody Dyar4 个月 前

    Is that a VCI-100? That was like my very first DJ controller ahaha Bands change, they grow, get over it. It's not the TCTT that I fell in love with, but hey.. you can't get to pick who you love.


    YASH SINGH4 个月 前

    I find this song to be the weakest from the entire catalogue. Wish at least it had the moody atmosphere but then TCTT be doing there thing, I guess

  69. D T

    D T4 个月 前

    First BMTH now you guys, stop selling out!

  70. Fabulous Killjoy

    Fabulous Killjoy4 个月 前

    “Ludens” is my song of the year, and that’s saying A LOT

  71. Adrimano

    Adrimano4 个月 前


  72. KoaAbyss

    KoaAbyss4 个月 前

    Definitely different for them and soudns very alt rock radio-y, but I kinda like it.

  73. emojesse23

    emojesse234 个月 前

    Way to soft. Hella disappointed. Where’s the screaming? Where’s the emotion?

  74. Dgd Brandon

    Dgd Brandon4 个月 前

    They did a live stream awhile and I got to talk to them them about if there would be more screams in there upcoming music and they say probably not going to do heavier music. So it was expected sadly if you saw that stream. I still appreciate this sound though but that’s just me 🤙🏼

  75. cold nights in the desert

    cold nights in the desert4 个月 前

    Logan Reid Media but even Pretty Little Thing went harder than this, they need to go back to that rock sound they had before rather than doing the same pop thing that sounds like stuff from the radio.

  76. emojesse23

    emojesse234 个月 前

    Snoofles I can’t say whatever I want

  77. Snoofles

    Snoofles4 个月 前

    I don't think you have a right in asking where is the emotion.

  78. Logan Reid Media

    Logan Reid Media4 个月 前

    This band never really screamed, occasionally but I can't remember a single where they scream. Don't forget their first big single was Pretty Little Thing

  79. Extremewriter25

    Extremewriter254 个月 前

    This slaps, right of the bat the beat is fire and I’m so happy they’ve come back to bless us with more amazing music ❤️

  80. Christopher of the Stubbs family

    Christopher of the Stubbs family4 个月 前

    Is this really what Epitaph is putting out these days?? Harsh.

  81. Fabulous Killjoy

    Fabulous Killjoy4 个月 前

    Fr tho. I just realized Thursday and BMTH were signed to Epitaph

  82. KoaAbyss

    KoaAbyss4 个月 前

    they've been on this label for a while, and with this string of EPs they've been pretty experimental - not all this.

  83. dirtbikesarelife 4

    dirtbikesarelife 44 个月 前

    Lyrics (well close enough lol) i dont like it we were working on a perfect night dont think I can fight it cause I know ill never change your mind got the talking board can we take some more with a little bit of apathy yeah the shape is more then I could take you swore I didn't need your sympathy didn't want it no now i need it yeah oh Ive been here before when everything I loved walked out the door oh I need more tonight just to feel alive so I go chasing highs i keep chasing keep chasing highs oh chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs throw my head back another drink to chase the pain outside your door yeah I can't remember what I had to say cause when it rains it pours and maybe I adore a little bit of apathy yeah the shape is more then I take you swore I didn't need your sympathy didn't want it no now I need it yeah ohh I've been here before when everything I loved walked out the door oh I need more tonight just to feel alive so I go chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs ohh chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs till the love runs dry till we say goodbye we get one more night to keep keep chasing till the love runs dry till we say goodbye we get one more night to keep keep chasing keep chasing ohh ive been here before when everything I loved walked out the door oh I need more tonight just to feel alive so I go chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs oh chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs oh chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs oh chasing highs I keep chasing keep chasing highs

  84. Wes

    Wes4 个月 前

    Long gone are the days of Nerve Endings..😞

  85. That Guitar Guy

    That Guitar Guy3 个月 前

    Yeah what the fuck is this BS they used to have such a dope sound

  86. Scotty Soto

    Scotty Soto4 个月 前

    Sad day

  87. Arthur Gallegos

    Arthur Gallegos4 个月 前

    Good. 😂

  88. DustinEG6

    DustinEG64 个月 前

    God I miss that sound 😭

  89. Fabulous Killjoy

    Fabulous Killjoy4 个月 前

    I feel like I’ve heard this a million times before. It’s not bad, it’s just generic. Sounds like everything else I hear on “alternative” radio

  90. LaylaMichelleLuv

    LaylaMichelleLuv4 个月 前

    fuckkkk i'm in love.

  91. Cody Boston

    Cody Boston4 个月 前


  92. Leiidy Norberto

    Leiidy Norberto4 个月 前


  93. CslyJ

    CslyJ4 个月 前

    This is the 1st time I really listened too these guys I have to say I'm hooked

  94. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYT4 个月 前

    @CslyJ enjoy then 🥀

  95. CslyJ

    CslyJ4 个月 前

    @Ludovic STEYT yea I just subscribed too there channel I think I'm gonna be here all day 😀

  96. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYT4 个月 前

    you should definitely check their previous work, it's even better than this!!

  97. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYT4 个月 前

    my favorite band ever is back and i'm so happy. words cannot describe how much i love them. nice song, awesome EP again. definitely gonna stream this everyday ❤️

  98. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYT4 个月 前

    @K O tell me how am i supposed to buy it if there's no link to do so? 🤷‍♂️

  99. K O

    K O4 个月 前

    Why don't you just buy it then?

  100. Lost Dreamer

    Lost Dreamer4 个月 前

    Meh, least favorite song on this album so far, but it's not that bad

  101. Aiko Miyazaki

    Aiko Miyazaki4 个月 前

    Finalmente Caralho