The Menzingers - "America (You're Freaking Me Out)"

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"America (You're Freaking Me Out)" by The Menzingers from the album 'Hello Exile' available now
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Directed by Rob McConnaughy
On the lonely end of history / swingin’ and swayin’ to the murder mystery / rhyme and reason fled the crime scene / of new penthouses next to tents in the streets / oh, how do I steer my early 30’s / before I shipwreck before im 40 / oh, ain’t it a shame what we choose to ignore / what kind of monsters did our parents vote for / lately I feel like i’m in puppet vichy, france tryin’ to teach the devil how to dance / to these sing-alongs of siren songs / to ooh’s to ahh’s to big applause / with all of my anger I scream and shout / america, I love you but you’re freaking me out / driving through the bible belt / billboards claiming how jesus felt / oh, how’d his words confuse themselves? / With cranks for christians in powerful positions / i’ve always felt like all their pomp and circumstance is just cover for the devil to dance / america, you’re freaking me out / with all my anger I shout / can’t you recognize truth from clever lies?
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  1. The Menzingers

    The Menzingers7 个月 前

    New Album 'Hello Exile' Available October 4. Pre-Order here:

  2. Manuel Morales

    Manuel Morales个月 前

    @thestackedhouse they had their chance while I was an 👽 but now I'm a US citizen too late!🖕

  3. thestackedhouse

    thestackedhouse个月 前

    @Manuel Morales hopefully you get deported

  4. Manuel Morales

    Manuel Morales个月 前

    You guys kill it!

  5. thestackedhouse

    thestackedhouse3 个月 前

    you guys are so punk rock!! i too totally agree with multinational companies that want "progress" open borders and a flood of cheap labor to keep the 99% from gaining any money. i also want the 99% disarmed so when the 1% does something so heinous the 99% can't do anything about it. thank you for being punk rock and totally against the establishment ;)

  6. James Phillip Watson

    James Phillip Watson3 个月 前

    I still have the drum stick your dimmer gave me years ago when you played in Bloomington Indiana c:

  7. Isaac B

    Isaac B4 天 前

    Fuck this is getting more and more relevant every day here in 2020

  8. Ivan Aparicio

    Ivan Aparicio10 天 前

    Is this band from vancouver

  9. Troll Em

    Troll Em29 天 前

    "New penthouses next to tents in the streets."... Definitely writing about Philadelphia in that line, other places in America aswell. Expensive house with homeless people right up the street from each other. Obesity and starving people live amongst each other. Only in AMERICA.

  10. MrWolfSnack

    MrWolfSnack个月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> lol that photo is the ALF cast

  11. Jack with a Hat

    Jack with a Hat个月 前

    This is a lot like that Filthy Frank video where Frank get's an alien and it starts snorting coke and fucking hookers.

  12. Bash Zode

    Bash Zode个月 前

    Best post-punk band I've heard in a while

  13. Brad Apples

    Brad Apples个月 前

    This was released on my birthday and I'm seeing it now. See you in Australia!!! Bring an umbrella

  14. firetiger1021

    firetiger10212 个月 前


  15. Alex P.

    Alex P.2 个月 前

    Adidas “Kobe” detected.

  16. Joseph Ang

    Joseph Ang2 个月 前

    Homosezuañity is illegal in most islamic countries but somehow America freaks you out more. LOL

  17. iamdoriian

    iamdoriian2 个月 前

    I can think of about 15 things off the top of my head in America that scares me more than that

  18. Lee Bonnar

    Lee Bonnar3 个月 前

    I missed them in Belfast last year and still cant forget it! Rage balls

  19. Celebrate Tuesday

    Celebrate Tuesday3 个月 前

    Is that Keith Buckley

  20. Max Maexchen

    Max Maexchen3 个月 前

    America is freaking me out, YES, the Trumpians are freaking me out, how dumb can someone be to vote for him?

  21. Josh H

    Josh H3 个月 前

    Oh thank Christ, I saw the lights towards then end and thought he was gonna get shot in the back.

  22. Punk is NOT dead

    Punk is NOT dead3 个月 前

    damnnn <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> until <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a> is pure perfection

  23. Stevens inwhite

    Stevens inwhite3 个月 前

    Es el marcianito 100% real y no fake

  24. James Phillip Watson

    James Phillip Watson3 个月 前

    On the lonely end of history Swingin' and swayin' to the murder mystery Rhyme and reason fled the crime scene Of new penthouses next to tents in the streets Oh, how do I steer my early 30's Before I shipwreck, before im 40 Oh, ain't it a shame what we choose to ignore What kind of monsters did our parents vote for? Lately I feel like I'm in puppet Vichy France Tryin' to teach the devil how to dance To these sing-alongs of siren songs To ooh's to ahh's To big applause With all of my anger I scream and shout America, I love you but you're freaking me out Ooh-oh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh Ooh-oh-oh-oh Driving through the Bible Belt Billboards claiming how Jesus felt Oh, how'd his words confuse themselves? With cranks for christians in powerful positions I've always felt like all their pomp and circumstance Is just cover for the devil to dance To these sing-alongs of siren songs To ooh's to ahh's To big applause With all of my anger I scream and shout America, I love you but you're freaking me out America, you're freaking me out With all my anger I shout Can't you recognize truth from clever lies? To these sing-alongs of siren songs To ooh's to ahh's To big applause With all of my anger I scream and shout America, I love you but you're freaking me out To these sing-alongs of siren songs To ooh's to ahh's To big applause With all of my anger I scream and shout America, I love you but you're freaking me out . . . Respectfully for anyone and everyone else here’s the lyrics with (hopefully with The Menzingers acceptance) you’re welcome 💖

  25. TheWobblyEmily

    TheWobblyEmily4 个月 前

    lets save him from area 71

  26. Francisco Aurélio

    Francisco Aurélio4 个月 前

    Beautiful song!

  27. Jake Carter

    Jake Carter4 个月 前

    I love this man.

  28. whazpoppin

    whazpoppin4 个月 前


  29. KoyoteFashion

    KoyoteFashion4 个月 前

    Over the years I never paid much attention to this band. I knew they existed and heard a couple of their tracks, but I honestly really never listened. This album changed all that and now I'm kicking myself in the ass. Their whole catalog is amazing. Huge fan now.

  30. Social Renegades

    Social Renegades4 个月 前

    Why did it take me so long to realize that the alien represented the "aliens" coming into the USA over the border...

  31. 神影Kamikage

    神影Kamikage4 个月 前

    A poster on a wall brought me here. Not disappointed.

  32. Olga Lebedeva

    Olga Lebedeva5 个月 前


  33. S B

    S B5 个月 前

    Bands making real statements today should be respected much more

  34. Peter Jensen

    Peter Jensen5 个月 前

    The Reverb and course on the vocals was a brave move they actually made it sound good put an original Twist on the album

  35. Jimmy Catalina

    Jimmy Catalina5 个月 前

    I can dig it.

  36. Bruce wayne

    Bruce wayne5 个月 前

    This band is so fucking underrated.

  37. Marčęllø

    Marčęllø5 个月 前

    This band is great!, Met and loved! continue! 🇧🇷

  38. amekusa

    amekusa5 个月 前

    The best music video I've ever seen. It felt like a good movie. I didn't know The Menzingers but I love this song also. Nice works guys!

  39. tgolden12

    tgolden125 个月 前

    Their music video for "After the Party" is probably the most emotive music video I've ever seen. Kyle Thrash is a genius.

  40. SCiZZo C

    SCiZZo C5 个月 前

    check out their other stuff too! just found them about 2 months ago. midwestern states, don't wanna be an asshole anymore, tellin lies, good things.

  41. Joey R

    Joey R5 个月 前

    great but ruined by token actors .who HAVE TO BE IN IT

  42. Zach Carter

    Zach Carter5 个月 前

    is that Erik from Commentiquette at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a>?


    PAYDAY FILMS6 个月 前

    Please come to New Zealand.



    About fucking time... we need more songs like this...

  45. none of your business

    none of your business6 个月 前

    nevermind the fact the media has been manipulative as fuck during Trumps presidency but lets still blame Trump instead of the news station that continue to promote fear mongering,...

  46. Hitler.was.right !

    Hitler.was.right !6 个月 前

    Ill only be scared when democrats get control again in 2024.

  47. Viktor Sarge

    Viktor Sarge6 个月 前

    "America, love ya' but your're freaking me out" is a very to the point description of my feelings as a European. Especially in the last few years.

  48. Arvid

    Arvid个月 前

    @Hitler.was.right ! What? The electoral college legit makes your country less democratic. Everyone's vote should be worth just as much as everyone else, that is just not the case in america, and therefor less democratic. Not to mention the massive amount of money that is flowing in and basically buying senators/congress people to benefit companies against the will of the people. But again, its just stupid to sit here and argue about basic facts. Go check some democracy index studies and you will find that most western European countries are more democratic than america. If you deny this, you've proven yourself very ignorant dude....

  49. Hitler.was.right !

    Hitler.was.right !2 个月 前

    @Damian oh yes my ideas of Europe and America looking out for its people and their best interests are so horrible...

  50. Damian

    Damian2 个月 前

    @Hitler.was.right ! shame on you, your ideas and your username are terrible.

  51. Hitler.was.right !

    Hitler.was.right !2 个月 前

    @clara ao melody i cant help you if you see the European race becoming a minority in its own major cities as a good thing. Also our electoral system is not fucked up. Its set up so the states with the most population dont get to vote for the entire country and everyone living elsewhere.

  52. clara ao melody

    clara ao melody2 个月 前

    @Hitler.was.right ! The UK is indeed able to leave the EU at their will, we are just not happy with being taken advantage of. Don't gloss over Brexit with such an overgeneralisation like we're holding anyone hostage. And yes we had terrorist attacks but so does America and America also has a President willing to Risk world peace just to bust a move. And you got school shootings and just shootings in general, were people die you know, not only because of your guns but also because your mental health and general health system because it is fucked and broken. So what the face of European cities have changed? Our retirement system benefit from new workers paying their taxes in Jobs that a lot of Europeans don't want to do anymore. Our demographic crisis has become less effectful through that. Thankfully. And at least we're not so heartless as to let people die and suffer outside our borders, if we are well capable enough to help a lot of them. Also Trump wasn't the candidate with the most votes, Hillary was but because your election system is fucked up Trump won, thanks Gerrymandering! Trump cancelled so many important contracts with other countries that we have a right to worry because it concerns us too.

  53. liquid_snake

    liquid_snake6 个月 前


  54. Rob Rite

    Rob Rite6 个月 前

    I like the political statement with this song... ALOT.... short... sweet... and to the point. Keep up the good work guys

  55. James Phillips

    James Phillips6 个月 前

    Was that Erik from internet comment etiquette?

  56. Everything_in_between

    Everything_in_between6 个月 前

    The Alien came to Earth/America at a wrong time. Trump Era is equal to the Nazi era.

  57. James O'Quinn

    James O'Quinn6 个月 前

    Ron Placone sent me.

  58. Greg Pohlmeier

    Greg Pohlmeier6 个月 前

    Put the alien in Kobe Bryant adidas...NICE TOUCH

  59. BeaverSmash69

    BeaverSmash692 个月 前

    This comment is kinda weird now.

  60. SCiZZo C

    SCiZZo C5 个月 前

    Nice catch!

  61. Brian Delano

    Brian Delano6 个月 前

    thank you for letting me, be part of your project, love your vibe!!!

  62. Armund Tanzarian

    Armund Tanzarian6 个月 前

    Is that norm MacDonald as the ice agent with the moustache?

  63. Real Heel Ryan

    Real Heel Ryan6 个月 前

    God bless America, and god bless Trump. Only time we seem to get any good punk is when a republican is in the White House. Guess punk bands are to big of pussies to attach Obama for his shit tho. Hate to be called racists eh?

  64. Joe

    Joe6 个月 前

    Is this the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro?

  65. Joe Rosinski

    Joe Rosinski6 个月 前

    As far as I'm concerned, this is our new national anthem. Rise and remove your hats, people.

  66. Luis Racero

    Luis Racero6 个月 前

    Cool, cool!!

  67. Azerothic

    Azerothic6 个月 前

    I think I've found another band to obsess over

  68. UnderPrivs

    UnderPrivs6 个月 前

    Heard this song yesterday on a Punk Hotlist radio, and really liked it. Searched it out today, and damn that video hits hard. It invokes much more emotion than just the song, but they work so well together. Thanks for this. I loved it.

  69. Vladimir Markiev

    Vladimir Markiev6 个月 前

    Think you can replace "America" in this song with any other country of your choice.

  70. Brad

    Brad6 个月 前

    That was an incredibly well done and super fun music video (especially considering the message/theme of the video). Loved it!

  71. Aesthetically Mercury

    Aesthetically Mercury6 个月 前

    Me and my alien friend after i freed him on area 51

  72. Dylan Wasserman

    Dylan Wasserman6 个月 前

    This is hilarious, beautiful, and deep. Love the jam too, hoping to catch them in SF soon

  73. The Great American Dream Machine

    The Great American Dream Machine6 个月 前

    Looking for Maxine Waters telling people to harass conservatives.

  74. Josh G

    Josh G6 个月 前

    Great fuckin tune

  75. john smith

    john smith7 个月 前

    I’ve always been a fan of Epitaph but now that I’m 30 it seems like this song really hits home !

  76. Jayson Gallo

    Jayson Gallo7 个月 前

    Ughh this is amazing!!

  77. Lisa Johnson

    Lisa Johnson7 个月 前

    Guys, this video is brilliant perfection 😍👽🤘

  78. PDXCarlo

    PDXCarlo7 个月 前

    So glad I got to be a part of this project (white tank top, getting deported at the very end)! Thanks for having me be a part of such an important project! Amazing song!

  79. Nadav Drewe

    Nadav Drewe7 个月 前

    Don't want to hear your tired liberal politics guys. There's a reason you're career musicians and not physicists, computer scientists or economists.

  80. Nadav Drewe

    Nadav Drewe7 个月 前

    @Erik Woll Speak English, you yank fucktard.

  81. Erik Woll

    Erik Woll7 个月 前

    Have never listened to any of their other music... LMFAO get out of here with that "punks not political" bullshit and go back to the boot buffet.

  82. Alex J

    Alex J7 个月 前

    Keeping punk alive with a message.

  83. Porkchops 69

    Porkchops 697 个月 前

    Fucken Ace

  84. bile driver

    bile driver7 个月 前

    10/10. Im a new fan that has had a great time enjoying the back catalog and new stuff. Im just glad i got on the ride before it stopped. Thanks.

  85. shinpaku 123

    shinpaku 1237 个月 前

    You lefties should be proud ☺️

  86. Dan Gargiullo

    Dan Gargiullo7 个月 前

    This video made me cry. The song coupled with its video is an absolute fucking masterpiece. Great job

  87. Breezyhunter

    Breezyhunter7 个月 前

    America, both sides of you are freaking me out.

  88. David Bowers

    David Bowers7 个月 前

    What a tune.

  89. Gary Smith

    Gary Smith7 个月 前

    When you realize this was shot in Portland because you know that strip club. Hi Mary's! Shares a bathroom with a really solid Mexican food spot.

  90. Inspector83

    Inspector837 个月 前

    i'm high as shit and when i put together why the music video is an alien i found that clever as fuck

  91. Fullerovia

    Fullerovia7 个月 前

    Britain I love you, but you're freaking me out.

  92. Andrew Lutsenko

    Andrew Lutsenko7 个月 前

    Tom Delonge inside?)

  93. Jason Enz

    Jason Enz7 个月 前

    The title of the song is spot on!

  94. Fragment_Filming

    Fragment_Filming7 个月 前

    Man, the Menzingers. They're so good, the kind of band that makes you want to accost strangers in the street and make them listen to your headphones. Part of me wants to shout from the top of mountains about how good they are, and that they deserve it as they're great guys. ...but, another part of me just wants to hold them close and not let anyone know about them, keep them all for myself like fucking Gollum and his precious... Keep it up you talented bastards.

  95. David Charles Wakefield

    David Charles Wakefield7 个月 前

    #MAGA #TRUMP2020

  96. OrcMaster117

    OrcMaster1177 个月 前

    Don't agree with the politics of the video but still love the song.

  97. Lotion In Motion

    Lotion In Motion7 个月 前

    ayy lmao