The Ghost Inside - "Mercy" (Live at The Shrine)

The Ghost Inside perform "Mercy" live at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA
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  1. Mark Whitfield

    Mark Whitfield4 小时 前


  2. Thekillertwin820

    Thekillertwin8203 天 前

    I cum everytime I hear this

  3. K T

    K T7 天 前

    July 11th. Worcester Palladium. Please don’t be cancelled!

  4. JeffDast

    JeffDast10 天 前

    Insane comeback. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> WOW!!

  5. Mirko Saugo

    Mirko Saugo12 天 前

    welcome back

  6. ShreddyzTV

    ShreddyzTV27 天 前

    HUGE RESPECT🤘 can't wait for the new albums you guys are my inspiration

  7. Isaac King

    Isaac King29 天 前

    Come back to Cali!!!!!!!!! I'm in simi near LA please come back! I kissed you last time you were here and can't forgive myself till I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  8. Jacob Sierra

    Jacob Sierra个月 前

    Easily will go down as one of the best comebacks in music history.....

  9. Some Thing

    Some Thing个月 前

    Welcome back boys, truly inspiring. Such pure music.

  10. Diabolis

    Diabolis个月 前

    Absolutely phenomenal these guys are back, & extra special props to the drummer. You fucken rule smashing this shit with 1 leg. Massive inspiration.

  11. JavierCore

    JavierCore个月 前

  12. DanteeH777

    DanteeH777个月 前

    Eu amo essa musica, eu amo essa banda ♥ BR na área \o/

  13. Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown个月 前

    Whoever disliked this, meet me at the crossroads. Let’s go.

  14. Josh DeJong

    Josh DeJong个月 前

    Fuck yes, a long sleeve Shai Hulud shirt!

  15. AWOSCV

    AWOSCV个月 前

    dude I lost my phone at this show, and security got it! Shoutout to whoever returned it ❤️

  16. Sevi Metal

    Sevi Metal个月 前

    I dont see hobbits


    RITOS FLEY个月 前

  18. Chad Davis

    Chad Davis个月 前

    Fuck yes!

  19. Karel Tesař

    Karel Tesař个月 前

    I am so happy to see those guys in their full force again after all they went through. Passion for music is real

  20. xthatmuffinmanx

    xthatmuffinmanx2 个月 前

    See you guys in July, ready to be a emotional wreck!

  21. OsyrissTV

    OsyrissTV2 个月 前


  22. Neal Schuster

    Neal Schuster2 个月 前

    I didn't get to see this show, but years ago now you guys were my opener at Warped in St Louis and you put on an amazing show. I've been a fan since and I love that you guys persevered through your tragedy 💯💪nothing but respect

  23. Michael Theodore

    Michael Theodore2 个月 前

    Metalcore was cool 20 years ago.

  24. Emolista2

    Emolista22 个月 前

    I cried a lot when I see the drummer....but yeah TGI has comeback :O Hopefully, you will visit Philippines and we are waiting for the most warm music you can bring to us

  25. Nick Sharp

    Nick Sharp2 个月 前

    That Shai Hulud shirt, fuck yes. Their new album is about to redefine excellence, y'all.

  26. tommaso villella

    tommaso villella2 个月 前

    double bass solid AF!!!!

  27. Mick v2t Shaw

    Mick v2t Shaw2 个月 前

    You guys make me happy

  28. Mac Miller

    Mac Miller2 个月 前

    So good to see these guys back!!!!!

  29. DaNoize DaFunk

    DaNoize DaFunk2 个月 前

    My old band opened for them in Richmond like a week before their accident and we were all like no F ing way that just happened cuz they were the coolest guys ever. Im glad to see them doing so well. They also sound checked with Move Me before they let anyone in, so all us local bands got a nice little show.

  30. Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor2 个月 前

    What i love about these guys. No gimmicks. No matching fucking outfits. No lughtshow bigger than them. They just come out. Shred the fuck out of everything. Sound fucking amazing. And that fuckkng breakdown. Ohmygawd its lile a hit of crack. Kudos. To keeping the music real.

  31. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget2 个月 前

    God, this just makes me want to stomp from side to side in the pit and start swinging’

  32. Michelle Hock

    Michelle Hock2 个月 前

    I can't believe people dare to dislike this

  33. Александр Морозов

    Александр Морозов2 个月 前

    Russia with love!

  34. Hunna

    Hunna2 个月 前

    Drummer loses leg still playing

  35. The Cleaver Colin Andrew

    The Cleaver Colin Andrew2 个月 前

    So much love for these men!

  36. Some Guy

    Some Guy2 个月 前

    This video legit made me tear up. These guys are absolute titans who have overcome everything life has thrown at them. They are in every way possible an inspiration.

  37. Inerson da Rocha

    Inerson da Rocha2 个月 前


  38. ハードコアラジオネットワーク

    ハードコアラジオネットワーク3 个月 前

    please come to JAPAN🇯🇵

  39. Deschain 1999

    Deschain 19993 个月 前

    This track hits harder than my stepdad at the tail end of a 3 day coke bender.

  40. will boss

    will boss3 个月 前

    They are heros and the type of people we should all look to when it comes to over coming hardships and disasters in your life

  41. Becky Townsend

    Becky Townsend3 个月 前

    I am going to an emotional wreck when I see these in July 😭

  42. dynatwenty

    dynatwenty3 个月 前


  43. Rage

    Rage3 个月 前

    shai hulud !

  44. кирилл зайцев

    кирилл зайцев3 个月 前


  45. World Weit Weg

    World Weit Weg3 个月 前

    E P I C.

  46. Tim Perilloux

    Tim Perilloux3 个月 前

    Welcome back boys!

  47. Ian TeGrootenhuis

    Ian TeGrootenhuis3 个月 前

    Larry Larry Larry!

  48. Raymond

    Raymond3 个月 前

    so much respect to all of these guys and especially to andrew. mans is playing with a prosthetic leg and still killing it. no one can ever doubt the resolve and iron will that these guys have. TGI forever.

  49. Jesse Soto

    Jesse Soto3 个月 前

    This comeback destroys everything. MCR’s comeback at the same place has nothing on this.

  50. ScreamingBonesJones

    ScreamingBonesJones3 个月 前

    Anyone know if there's gonna be an official release of this concert?

  51. Roger Mendoza

    Roger Mendoza2 个月 前

    ScreamingBonesJones i believe its in the works

  52. That 1 kid

    That 1 kid3 个月 前

    .............FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLLS!

  53. Abel Gonzalez

    Abel Gonzalez3 个月 前

    We need the whole set

  54. Stefan Giroux

    Stefan Giroux3 个月 前

    I literally lose my shit hearing those words.

  55. zach sparks

    zach sparks4 个月 前

    There could not be a more perfect song to play at the return show. Moved me to tears at 6 in the morning lol long live TGI

  56. jonathan ayala

    jonathan ayala4 个月 前

    increible el bataco......!!!!!!!

  57. Kyrie Snyder

    Kyrie Snyder4 个月 前

    fuck you frontier airlines for making me miss this show

  58. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones4 个月 前

    I Love so much guys! Are my heores

  59. juan nateras

    juan nateras4 个月 前

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏻🤟🏻👌🏼👌🏼lo mejor nunca muere 🤟🏻

  60. Yo Budyy

    Yo Budyy4 个月 前

    So fucking happy to see these guys playing again! What an amazing return! #Andrewisaboss

  61. Erick Ovando

    Erick Ovando4 个月 前

    Sick I was there respect to tgi best fucking band ever

  62. Nick Applewhite

    Nick Applewhite4 个月 前

    I'm so proud of this band

  63. Kostas Martinis

    Kostas Martinis4 个月 前

    Τhese 43 ppl probably have no idea about the band or what even happened to them.I wish they knew better!!!Huge inspiration.easily the best comeback in metal history!!

  64. Pablo Gatti

    Pablo Gatti4 个月 前

    Woowwwww la fuerza intacta Mercy!!!!!!!

  65. Jourgen Payan

    Jourgen Payan4 个月 前

    I love tgi and they help me overcome hard times everytime I heard them a peace came tome

  66. Sholikul Amin

    Sholikul Amin4 个月 前

    When you go to Indonesian

  67. KLR Q

    KLR Q4 个月 前

    As if there back playing shows. So inspirational

  68. Dillon Wheaton

    Dillon Wheaton4 个月 前


  69. Михаил Яшин

    Михаил Яшин4 个月 前

    God dammit, I have already forgotten about you guys. This is so awesome. And the video was an emotional roller coaster I was not ready for. I love you

  70. Kodiak Wild

    Kodiak Wild4 个月 前

    welcome back, brothers.

  71. Gabe Bahen

    Gabe Bahen4 个月 前

    "Life's swingin' hard, but I'm swingin' harder" Truer words have never been spoken in this context

  72. Gregori Rosales

    Gregori Rosales4 个月 前

    This hits harder then my monthly expenses

  73. Martin Konrath

    Martin Konrath4 个月 前

    Soooo much love 😍

  74. Martin Konrath

    Martin Konrath4 个月 前

    Soooo much love 😍

  75. dannyaraya1988

    dannyaraya19884 个月 前

    splitting the crowd is so fucking lame 😒

  76. Jaymo MacJameson

    Jaymo MacJameson4 个月 前

    This is generic and the same regurgitated sound that was pioneered in the late 90's and early 2000's. It would be more edgy and sincere to write a song about dirty needles and feces littering the ground of your worthless city. I bet they wipe with baby wipes after consulting the therapist their single mom recommended.

  77. Kaleb Murray

    Kaleb Murray4 个月 前


  78. James Dean

    James Dean4 个月 前

    I could floss to this

  79. Seldon Madon

    Seldon Madon4 个月 前

    For whom the bell tolls. There's a hurricane raging inside me. The second wave is right there behind me. Don't leave me alone, as this fire burns whole. Before there's nothing left to atone. Breathe new life into me. Send waves to crash right through me. I wear the perfect disguise, right behind my eyes. Its got me coming undone. My facade made of stone. I'm deep beneath now, I need to let go. This life has taken it's toll. I can't be myself pleasing everyone else. No! First one up in line when there is hell to pay. Filthy hands that never wash away. This is one time I won't being subjective. I need to see things from a brand new perspective. Because I'm coming undone. My facade made of stone. I'm deep beneath, now I need to let go. This life has taken it's toll. I can't be myself pleasing everyone else. No! I'd like to think I'd never cave in. A vicious battle I may never win. And I'd like to think I'll come out stronger. Life's swinging hard but I'm swinging harder. For whom the bell tolls. "I have an inheritance from my father, it's the moon and the sun. And although that I roam all over the world, the spending's never done." My facade made of stone. I'm deep beneath, now I need to let go. This life has taken it's toll. I can't be myself pleasing everyone else. No!

  80. Jordan Alvarez

    Jordan Alvarez4 个月 前

    Long live The Ghost Inside.

  81. Lanin

    Lanin4 个月 前

    Thank you TGI & Epitaph..