The Frights - "All I Ask" (Full Album Stream)

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"All I Ask" by The Frights from the album 'Everything Seems Like Yesterday' available now
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Love The connection you feel when you’re sad Grab Someone quick your anxiety’s bad Pops Like a ball that you kicked way too hard Gone Feel the tracks that she left in the yard I don’t feel sick from the choices I made This is more than you more than us Trust in Wind From the passenger seat of a car Scream When the radio signals gone dark Blue Is the sky that you always ignore Push Grab your sweater and sneak out the door I turn away when I run out of pain Sleep on the couch or I’ll sleep in the rain Trust in I wanna give you a wonderful time Let me give you that All I ask is Trust in Me The connection you need when you’re sad Me Your protection from things that are bad Me Some resistance for when you feel weak Me I’ll be quiet when you want to speak
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