Save Face - "Teenagers" (Cover)

"Teenagers" (My Chemical Romance Cover) by Save Face from the Save Face / Graduating Life Split, available now
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  1. blackknightkanos

    blackknightkanos5 个月 前

    I think the problem here is his lack of screaming ability is being hidden behind distortion effects where in the original Gerard would actually just scream it.


    LIANA YOUNGS6 个月 前

    what's y'all problem with this? its great 'kay

  3. too lit

    too lit6 个月 前


  4. onlinefriends

    onlinefriends6 个月 前

    Nobody cares if you prefer the original, go listen to that instead then

  5. Luke Zotos

    Luke Zotos6 个月 前

    ngl this cover needs more screaming

  6. Rosario Alvarez

    Rosario Alvarez6 个月 前

    Whoa i need to check this band out now...anyone have any song suggestions?

  7. Valéria Przysbeczyski

    Valéria Przysbeczyski6 个月 前


  8. Francisco Morgado

    Francisco Morgado6 个月 前

    quit making money out of other people's music

  9. Taylor Murphy

    Taylor Murphy6 个月 前

    This isn’t bad but it’s not MCR. But nobody can ever recapture that spirit, I don’t think.

  10. aina computer

    aina computer6 个月 前

    I took forever to click this not knowing a dope cover finally!

  11. melanie cortright

    melanie cortright6 个月 前

    My sister is offended. She thinks that this cover is terrible, but i think this is pretty close to the original

  12. nobrandonsclub

    nobrandonsclub6 个月 前

    What's the point in playing it exactly the same? I might as well listen to the original to give credit to the actual talent

  13. Miicu Bell Quinn

    Miicu Bell Quinn6 个月 前

    Le re robaron a my chemical romance

  14. Osiris Komodo

    Osiris Komodo6 个月 前

    Honestly, not bad. The original is better but I like the cover.

  15. Kanzuki

    Kanzuki6 个月 前

    This sounds terrible. Original is and always will be superior.

  16. Weketeke5678

    Weketeke56786 个月 前

    Yeah the original is better. But this isn't terrible

  17. Andini Wirawan

    Andini Wirawan6 个月 前

    Went here after AP said this cover do justice to the OG song... tbh its good but there is someone with better cover than this.-.

  18. Mike Bloodedge

    Mike Bloodedge6 个月 前

    Make your own dam songs

  19. henryplatt

    henryplatt6 个月 前

    Its cool, don't credit the artist, just trick kids into thinking its your own song. Here it is: 2019 everybody

  20. Harry Dibbs

    Harry Dibbs6 个月 前

    Nobody who watches this video is not going to know where the song comes from, jfc

  21. Benny

    Benny6 个月 前

    "2019 everyone" Dude this has been happening for generations, I never knew "I love Rock n' Roll" by Joan Jett was a cover of The Arrows song. Even "I will always love you" by Whitney was actually Dolly Parton's song. All people need to do is research, sometimes the Artist doesn't state it's a cover, just how the industry works.

  22. henryplatt

    henryplatt6 个月 前

    NonMercy Gaming its not showing that for me and I’ve listened to the original enough for it to appear as a suggestion for any video

  23. North

    North6 个月 前

    Ok then :))

  24. NonMercy Gaming

    NonMercy Gaming6 个月 前

    don't worry youtube will suggest them to see original music video

  25. Jose Pagan

    Jose Pagan6 个月 前

    It's missing the low drum on 2 and 4 in the beginning and throughout

  26. Sad Woman

    Sad Woman6 个月 前

    God I miss my chemical romance...

  27. Twisted Wolf

    Twisted Wolf6 个月 前

    This cover is pretty good!!! This is one of my all time favorite MCR songs, and I believe you did this song justice.

  28. JB Gaming

    JB Gaming6 个月 前

    Wow. These vocals are hideously hideously....

  29. Kmatz

    Kmatz6 个月 前

    Is this like a cover or something by green day???

  30. twenty øne chickens

    twenty øne chickens6 个月 前

    @leslie taylor I hope so

  31. leslie taylor

    leslie taylor6 个月 前

    Kmatz this is sarcasm, yeah?

  32. lemon

    lemon6 个月 前

    This is more blind anger vs mcrs which is a soft/subtle rage with a bittersweet bit tk it

  33. Merlin The Powerful

    Merlin The Powerful6 个月 前

    I do like the original better, but this one's great too :)

  34. MyLittlePony_Fanboy

    MyLittlePony_Fanboy6 个月 前

    Anyone got Saints Row 2 nostalgia?

  35. ThaRealChef

    ThaRealChef6 个月 前

    Welp, now I know altpress has no fuckin clue what they're talking about

  36. HeyImSailor

    HeyImSailor6 个月 前

    This ones a lot softer which I don't mind, I prefer the og cause I'm used to it. Also damn turning up that bassline.

  37. Clasko 127

    Clasko 1276 个月 前

    I'm just gonna save everyone some time, please redirect your ears in this direction --->

  38. Pete Walton

    Pete Walton6 个月 前


  39. Calcium

    Calcium6 个月 前

    Okay so not that there's anything wrong with this song, but's not article worthy or anything it sounds nearly identical to the original? I guess i'm old now i don't get it. What am I missing?

  40. Clasko 127

    Clasko 1276 个月 前

    We must of read the same thing, that article is the only reason I'm here. I have this paused at 00:47 and just played the original on my echo.

  41. Julie Harris

    Julie Harris6 个月 前

    I like the original and honestly the guitars and drums drown out the vocals.

  42. K Rock

    K Rock6 个月 前

    Consider it a tribute.

  43. K Rock

    K Rock6 个月 前


  44. Derek

    Derek6 个月 前

    Eh, the voice just isn't doing it for me. They aren't stressing the vocals enough, maybe? I'm not sure, it's just not quite right.

  45. sad shroom

    sad shroom6 个月 前

    So get the fuck out fucking weeb

  46. Poisoned Ivysaur

    Poisoned Ivysaur6 个月 前

    I don't hate it.

  47. Professionally Retarded

    Professionally Retarded6 个月 前

    this one is Nearly PERFECT

  48. Blank Vic

    Blank Vic6 个月 前

    Make emo great again

  49. Iz Sp

    Iz Sp6 个月 前

    Cool vid

  50. Brad Pitts

    Brad Pitts6 个月 前

    If you're not gonna do anything new with it... Why does it need to exist?

  51. MatthewDatthew

    MatthewDatthew6 个月 前

    Cause people like to make covers

  52. Hideki Pena

    Hideki Pena6 个月 前

    Look at all the sheeple.. (٥↼_↼)

  53. Sheanae

    Sheanae6 个月 前

    1.25x speed 👌 but i like the slow tempo as well

  54. James Vasa

    James Vasa6 个月 前

    Its not mcr. But im getting vibes of 10 years ago and i love it! Adding on apple music!

  55. Yeimin고메즈

    Yeimin고메즈6 个月 前


  56. Sydnie Mytty

    Sydnie Mytty6 个月 前

    Wasn’t there a whole collaboration cover album of this anyways?

  57. Let'sTalkAboutFeelings

    Let'sTalkAboutFeelings6 个月 前

    What's the point of making a COVER of a song as a BAND if you are playing the same as the ORIGINAL...? prefer to listen to the original then. It's like low budget prod MCR.

  58. Derek

    Derek6 个月 前

    It's not a carbon copy

  59. Axel Lamoree

    Axel Lamoree6 个月 前

    Why didn't y'all include that this is a cover anywhere in the title or description? I knew it was a cover but it should still be stated for those who didn't

  60. Alex Mercer

    Alex Mercer6 个月 前

    Axel Lamoree oh ok

  61. Axel Lamoree

    Axel Lamoree6 个月 前

    @Alex Mercer It was added after I watched it. I watched it and read everything very carefully so as to not be wrong. They recieved a vast amount of backlash about the issue and most likely decided to fix it

  62. Alex Mercer

    Alex Mercer6 个月 前

    It is listed as cover in the description though

  63. Quentin Bohannon

    Quentin Bohannon6 个月 前

    Like I knew someone post a slipknot song but didnt say it was a cover like do a musican want that attention ?

  64. Axel Lamoree

    Axel Lamoree6 个月 前

    @Clairness Right? I feel this is literally stealing music not "sampling" at that point

  65. josh woodfill

    josh woodfill6 个月 前

    Not bad. Good but not amazing.

  66. Gaur Krist

    Gaur Krist6 个月 前

    Какой смысл в том, чтобы перепеть песню один-в-один?

  67. ‏‏‎

    ‏‏‎6 个月 前

    All this did was remind me of an oldie but Goldie song, you ruined this for sure though

  68. Wolf SOLIDMATHEUS 1995

    Wolf SOLIDMATHEUS 19956 个月 前

    My chemical romance

  69. lake eola band

    lake eola band6 个月 前

    they dont make music lik this anymore sigh...

  70. AlleyStar Growley

    AlleyStar Growley6 个月 前

    I'm always clicking on epitaph posts hoping it's some good new punk and it never is

  71. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith6 个月 前

    I don't think Epitath does punk anymore lol

  72. SpyderzKid

    SpyderzKid6 个月 前

    Save Face is really good just this isn't the best cover lol

  73. Regal Wolf TFM

    Regal Wolf TFM6 个月 前

    its not bad tbh, i like it but its just missing something.

  74. jojomilles

    jojomilles28 天 前

    its missing the good vocals their voice is so clique and punk it doesn't fit the song

  75. twenty øne chickens

    twenty øne chickens6 个月 前

    It's missing Gerard

  76. EmeraldApples

    EmeraldApples6 个月 前

    sad shroom maybe ur dads missing

  77. Regal Wolf TFM

    Regal Wolf TFM6 个月 前

    @sad shroom wtf lmao. thanks.

  78. sad shroom

    sad shroom6 个月 前

    maybe ur mom's missing

  79. Kełły Scârs

    Kełły Scârs6 个月 前

    Love it

  80. m3 tal c0 re

    m3 tal c0 re6 个月 前

    One of the best covers

  81. m3 tal c0 re

    m3 tal c0 re6 个月 前

    This is amazing

  82. Fu ry

    Fu ry6 个月 前

    ааа, кемы

  83. Last Leaf Channel

    Last Leaf Channel6 个月 前


  84. Joshua C

    Joshua C6 个月 前

    No matter whether mcr actually come back or not, we as fans will always keep the band alive. This headbanger is absolute proof of that 😁.

  85. Joshua C

    Joshua C5 个月 前

    @Brodie Bligh holy shit, my comment fortold the fucking future!

  86. Brodie Bligh

    Brodie Bligh5 个月 前

    Joshua C oh boi do i have i news for you

  87. Silent_Br3ath - Marco D'Arrigo

    Silent_Br3ath - Marco D'Arrigo6 个月 前

    Is a really good cover

  88. Frankie Hudson

    Frankie Hudson6 个月 前

    Wait why do I actually like this? I mean, no band can fully do justice to MCR,but this is pretty damn good.

  89. Cherry S.

    Cherry S.6 个月 前

    Beautiful version!

  90. Wight sorrow

    Wight sorrow6 个月 前

    I wonder why epithap rec. start recording shit like this... Facepalm

  91. Jaclyn Perez

    Jaclyn Perez6 个月 前

    The original with forever be better

  92. Edward Altman

    Edward Altman6 个月 前


  93. Ronnie Valco

    Ronnie Valco6 个月 前

    Idk how I feel about this.

  94. Abbey 1178

    Abbey 11786 个月 前

    Love it!!!

  95. Sims Graves

    Sims Graves6 个月 前

    wow, this is really good!!

  96. Michael Zetino

    Michael Zetino6 个月 前

    one thing is for sure, the original is WAYYYYY better

  97. Joshua C

    Joshua C5 个月 前

    @sad shroom duuuuuuude, calm down.

  98. sad shroom

    sad shroom6 个月 前

    it's a cover so can you please shut the fuck up?

  99. Alpacaman607

    Alpacaman6076 个月 前

    The original is good, but these guys are pretty talented