Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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  1. Stupid Screenname

    Stupid Screenname11 小时 前

    This man or woman is just plain creepy

  2. elisha murray

    elisha murray12 小时 前

    Is no one gonna talk about how tan he is never seen jeffree that tan !!😦

  3. LostandDelirious88

    LostandDelirious8812 小时 前

    I think people are being a bit too over sensitive. For real.

  4. Roger Limoseth

    Roger Limoseth14 小时 前

    Im just your regular average dude so this is all new to me. Could you clue me in about the hype and controversy over cremated pallet? Is it just in the name or are you using poor old past uncle pete as a primer? If it's the latter then i can see why that would put people off but if it's just because you used that name then... Smh

  5. Madison Chapman

    Madison Chapman14 小时 前

    I love the palette and the names ❤️ It is my exact aesthetic and I love how dark humor the names are.

  6. Carrie Aggas

    Carrie Aggas15 小时 前

    Well its about time someone brought out a mono colour palette 👍👍👍🙏

  7. it's me marleen

    it's me marleen15 小时 前

    Need it now 😮

  8. Jenna Hampton

    Jenna Hampton15 小时 前

    Nicole is so pretty! Love yall together. Makeup and palette looks stunning as always



    "La llorona" vibes***

  10. Falckuon arab

    Falckuon arab16 小时 前

    شني هذا الخرى

  11. Laura Newling-Goode

    Laura Newling-Goode16 小时 前

    No tea no shade but the Cremated palette is reminding me a lot of the Lime Crime Venus Mortalis...

  12. Hassania Maamri

    Hassania Maamri16 小时 前

    م ج0نج0ءمجج

  13. Marie Grace

    Marie Grace17 小时 前

    Do you even know what happens when a person is cremated? It’s so disrespectful and terrifying. I know the person is already gone but it’s still horrifying. Google it.....

  14. MNK

    MNK17 小时 前

    Detox is that you ?

  15. Mark Sampson

    Mark Sampson18 小时 前

    I fucking love it!!!! God I want this palette sooo badly!!!

  16. Chrissy 8675309

    Chrissy 867530918 小时 前

    My son was murdered in 2015 and cremated. I have never been offended by this palette. I think it is beautiful and fun. It is art and something for fun. That makeup on you is stunning!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  17. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez17 小时 前

    Im sorry that happened to your son and Im sorry you had to go through that. I send LovE💖

  18. Adrija - Vilija Liepina

    Adrija - Vilija Liepina18 小时 前

    Jeffree is so high in this video, I love it 😂😂

  19. Solardemon Devil

    Solardemon Devil19 小时 前

    The talent tho 😂 🥺

  20. Khadija Younas

    Khadija Younas19 小时 前

    God give you everything but why you don't put your clothes on your body.. i don't think so that you are happy inside..

  21. Amir :D

    Amir :D19 小时 前


  22. itsZinZin W

    itsZinZin W19 小时 前

    Is the comment section a scarecrow shop? Because it's full of straw men

  23. Fatima Botello

    Fatima Botello19 小时 前

    People are IDIOTS. and OVERLY SENSITIVE.

  24. Betsabé

    Betsabé19 小时 前

    People are so stupid nowdays. Keep shining and slaying as always my dear!!! ✨💓

  25. Starlord B

    Starlord B20 小时 前

    People are so damn sensitive these days 😒

  26. Ukie TheOverlord

    Ukie TheOverlord21 小时 前

    All your comments are " if your offended by makeup pallet" but surely all of you get offend over words....

  27. Heetckers

    Heetckers21 小时 前

    Props to you star for steeping up and saying something about George Floyd! Much respect 🙌

  28. Sharon Mott

    Sharon Mott22 小时 前

    can i get a steam punk themed pallet plllllzzzzzz

  29. Jack Vincent

    Jack Vincent22 小时 前

    the right hand side is so much worse

  30. purple girl

    purple girl22 小时 前

    Amazing colours just what I needed for my Green Eyes wow

  31. Lexi Lopez

    Lexi Lopez22 小时 前

    Thought this was in black and white the whole time until I saw his nails 🤣

  32. سفاح جيمنج

    سفاح جيمنج22 小时 前


  33. Aleena Bradley

    Aleena Bradley21 小时 前


  34. UUltraNayte

    UUltraNayte23 小时 前

    evil overlord

  35. الفتى الحنين

    الفتى الحنين23 小时 前

    Ot a fek

  36. kittykat91

    kittykat9123 小时 前

    I wanted to message ya but your messenger won’t let me send a message and I’m not on the twitter life. Just wanted to alert ya that there’s a Mercari shop - Dustin Pribble - that is making money off your logos. This shop has been mass producing decals of your mirrors and JS star logos. Might wanna get on that with your attorney. Good luck. ❤️

  37. Yvette Smith

    Yvette Smith23 小时 前

    People are just so darn sensitive these days if your offended something must be seriously wrong with you!

  38. Abcdz Abcdz

    Abcdz Abcdz23 小时 前

    I have dandruff don’t say dead skin

  39. QueenOfClowns ASMR

    QueenOfClowns ASMR天 前

    Be like it’s just a pallet dude. It will be okay. You will all be okay. It won’t effect your life or anyone else’s. Control your feelings a little bit.

  40. حسن العراقي

    حسن العراقي天 前

    Just i want to know its man or woman

  41. Taylor Wilson

    Taylor Wilson天 前

    First the shady cremated palette you launched during a pandemic, now I'm to blame for cops & rioters killing people?! Im glad you're passionate about defending an innocent man, and yes there is a problem with some police officers; black lives do matter. But you cant blame every single person not doing something about it, and make them feel shitty for it. I dont serve justice, judges do. I followed you because of shane, but I cant support you anymore.

  42. Summer Wade

    Summer Wade天 前

    Guuurl you getting tan I could not EVEN.

  43. Mcsteveberry

    Mcsteveberry天 前

    i bet you this is a woman that can kick my ass

  44. Andy Yang

    Andy Yang天 前

    You look dead

  45. Bishnu Timsina

    Bishnu Timsina天 前

    any small youtuber wanna help each other ❤️

  46. Lilli-rose Rutter

    Lilli-rose Rutter天 前


  47. Lémiahs Avenue

    Lémiahs Avenue天 前

    Ngl it’s not that deep ...ppl love to link everything and act as if it’s negative

  48. Labyrinth Maze

    Labyrinth Maze天 前

    I think a lot of people are traumatized by the current events and seeking a way to place blame on a tragedy that our entire society is facing. Sometimes people lash out and I'm sorry your new pallet has become a focus for some. As a weirdo goth guy who wants to get into make-up this is exactly the kind of thing I would gravitate towards but I empathize with those who felt it was inappropriate. That being said I admire your artistic integrity and hope people can come to understand that you didn't intend any malice.

  49. Jxckie Nguyen

    Jxckie Nguyen天 前

    Jawbreaker pallete: people who have broken their jaws: this is disgusting, wrong timing, disrespect 😤

  50. leanne campbell

    leanne campbell天 前

    I wanna be the talk of the town. Oh wait bitch I am geen eyed crazy

  51. Latest TikTok Daily Videos

    Latest TikTok Daily Videos21 小时 前

    bodoti qwiu

  52. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu天 前

    Please collab with John Maclean !!

  53. Mariah White

    Mariah White天 前

    I have a question about your alien eyeshadow plate?

  54. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu天 前

    Hahaha was that shade??? Expired makeup lmao hmmm

  55. Melissa Tur

    Melissa Tur天 前

    She’s so talented and so cute 😍 this look is amazing!

  56. Kimikutchi

    Kimikutchi天 前

    (everyone in the comment section typing about how people get offended so easily) me: (trying to find those offended comments)

  57. shank me

    shank me天 前

    great make up! i would really love to see you transform into Orochimaru. search for it luv✨❤️

  58. Familyluv#1

    Familyluv#1天 前


  59. Marmar Thatsme

    Marmar Thatsme天 前

    If ur coming from the video exposing jeffree and whatnot. Literally the person in the beginning wasnt jeffree. And if you knew jeffree back in 2010+ you know that he has used alcohol like we been knew he lying. But it dont effect you so why does it need exposing ?¿ also jeffree has said SooooOOOOOO many times that he has used slurs and foul language and literally everything g horrible back in 2000. It was an Insanely different time where gay and being flamboyant was not seen as okay and he was abused and assaulted a lot for this. That was his form of protection and defense. It doesnt excuse things he said but hes addressed it so much already and apologized and all like. People are just tryna get clout and cancel anyone without having real facts ab the matter..

  60. Selena Diaz

    Selena Diaz天 前

    If you're offended by the creamated pallete I'm sorry but you're an idiot lmao

  61. Dark Passion

    Dark Passion天 前

    Jeffree star is a true scorpio♏ and as a cancer male ♋ i find him sexy as hell, i would do naughty things 😈 to him.

  62. Alan Hurst

    Alan Hurst天 前

    Why are you even watching this? Am I right?

  63. Manor and Stable

    Manor and Stable天 前

    I honestly think Jeffree should stop worrying about backlash. If people don't get it, that's fine....they don't influence sales, WE do :-)

  64. Samantha Garza

    Samantha Garza天 前 ...........

  65. Sam Or

    Sam Or天 前

    I'm not Thanos Best ever xD

  66. Nichole Dansky

    Nichole Dansky天 前

    Black Swan vibes

  67. Margarita Diaz

    Margarita Diaz天 前

    omg the pool part 😂😂😂😂

  68. Nichole Dansky

    Nichole Dansky天 前

    Hahaha was that shade??? Expired makeup lmao hmmm

  69. Eveleen momo

    Eveleen momo天 前

    Please collab with John Maclean !!

  70. Kenny Mack

    Kenny Mack天 前

    Looking pretty gross. Even for a transvestite. 😱🤢

  71. I will report you!

    I will report you!天 前

    Jeffree Star takes it in the a**

  72. Jaylynn Chan

    Jaylynn Chan天 前

    The name of the collection reminds me of my anime husbando, his name is Dabi from my hero academia his quirk (super power) is called cremation.

  73. Lauren Ford

    Lauren Ford天 前

    I’m not personally offended but you really did name the gloss after a cult that ended in mass suicide I don’t think that it’s okay to glamorize that but overall I always love his stuff

  74. Megg D

    Megg D天 前

    Oh the pallette that was in my cart and then all of a sudden it was sold out I'm so devastated 😭it was gonna be my first pallette from J🌟😭



    When are they resuming operations at jeffree star cosmetics when are they shipping orders

  76. aii xiomara

    aii xiomara天 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> *the boujee ghost at the cemetery*

  77. Amanda lee82

    Amanda lee82天 前

    When are you Coming out with a Magic Foundation to go with your concealer?? Only Thing that I'm offended by is There's NO Magic Foundation

  78. disneyzozeebo

    disneyzozeebo天 前

    she makes it look so easy

  79. makayla raine andrew

    makayla raine andrew天 前

    you should respond to some other backlash that you seem to ignore....

  80. kberliner1

    kberliner1天 前

    This is my favorite Jeffry star collection I got the whole collection

  81. Salomé Gonzalez B.

    Salomé Gonzalez B.天 前

    Love this! True art!

  82. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane天 前

    Who's going to do this look for Halloween this year 🖤

  83. Elizabeth Sepic

    Elizabeth Sepic天 前

    As everybody who watched the pallet making process (with Shane Dawson of course) a pallet takes MONTHS to make and also lots of money. He did not know this was coming. Jeffree does not deserve all the hate.

  84. Zain The GOAT

    Zain The GOAT天 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="548">9:08</a> I though he said use code james i was like WAIT WHAT :O

  85. Robbie Keats

    Robbie Keats天 前

    You never need to apologise, this palette is stunnning. I own all of your palettes and I love that you do a colour scheme. The name is on brand! Let the haters hate xx