Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
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Produced by: The Superiors
Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
Additional production by: Priority Beats
Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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  1. Dmije Singletary

    Dmije Singletary6 小时 前


  2. t G

    t G6 小时 前

    Rip George Floyd

  3. Mxrs TV

    Mxrs TV6 小时 前

    Different now R.I.P George Floyd BLACK LIVES MATTER 🙏

  4. Dxsieve

    Dxsieve6 小时 前


  5. AU WavyJ

    AU WavyJ6 小时 前

    There's alot of views but I think this deserves way more 💕💯🤟🏽

  6. MITRY

    MITRY6 小时 前

    "if your not my color then you don't know the struggle'' BLL

  7. Noah Underwood

    Noah Underwood6 小时 前

    Best lyrics ever, this reminds back of the 90’s where rap was way better.

  8. Oluwatennyola Idris

    Oluwatennyola Idris7 小时 前

    RIP George Floyd, Police were meant to cease the danger, but instead they are the real danger attacking innocent young black men, it's just not fair, that's why we gotta fight back, have each other's back, RIP to everyone we lost, Polo G is a different type of rapper, he's talking straight facts and he understands the pain we all face, keep on going Polo G, you're destined to be great. #BLACKLIVESMATTER #RIPGEORGEFLOYD #RIPEVERYONEWELOST.

  9. yt_kiddd9

    yt_kiddd97 小时 前


  10. Markese sims

    Markese sims7 小时 前

    They in Atlanta on the west side

  11. Robert Dope

    Robert Dope7 小时 前


  12. GMG D6oy

    GMG D6oy7 小时 前

    2pac passed dat crown to polo G 💯✔

  13. Kaden.edits.740

    Kaden.edits.7407 小时 前

    He give me pac vibes fr he da goat of this generation 💯😅

  14. mr. fyig

    mr. fyig7 小时 前

    If you ain’t my color you don’t know the struggle of living black

  15. Cracka Zach

    Cracka Zach7 小时 前

    How tf did you quit x’s it’s hard asf

  16. Sky 73

    Sky 737 小时 前

    This hits different after A cop was suffocating Gorge Floyd for 5 minutes straigh. “I cant breathe” RIP Gorge Floyd 🙏💔🕊

  17. Aahan D

    Aahan D7 小时 前


  18. Palesa Mlombi

    Palesa Mlombi7 小时 前


  19. Savage Nation

    Savage Nation7 小时 前

    If he doesn’t get every Grammy award he’s gonna best song of 2020 or best album of 2020

  20. Arber Mersini

    Arber Mersini8 小时 前

    Yo "they killed Martin for dreaming, now i cant sleep" i didnt even realize he was talkin bout Martin Luther King. I love POLO he use so many analogies that make such sense

  21. Danny Torres

    Danny Torres8 小时 前

    ✊🏿 x 🇲🇽

  22. Lamarr Gibbons

    Lamarr Gibbons8 小时 前

    Dammmm 🔥🙌🏾

  23. DareallJay 237

    DareallJay 2378 小时 前


  24. L B

    L B8 小时 前

    sounds like tupac and wiz had a test tube baby

  25. Juan Peredes

    Juan Peredes8 小时 前

    This better get a Grammy bro this is a masterpiece.

  26. Scoey

    Scoey8 小时 前

    Fucking amazing ❤️🤞

  27. Roxy. Ψ On YT

    Roxy. Ψ On YT8 小时 前

    I hate what the police do and after the guy killed George Floyd(RIP BTW) if i was the one recording i would've knocked that cop in the head.

  28. BOT_DrkDth YT

    BOT_DrkDth YT8 小时 前

    Im white but I respect yall 100%

  29. ImagineAsh

    ImagineAsh8 小时 前

    R.I.P George Floyd.. this shit needs to end.

  30. REG Elite

    REG Elite8 小时 前

    For some reason this song fits what happened in Minneapolis smh

  31. Zeff Sidee

    Zeff Sidee8 小时 前

    Homie lookin like O'Dogg in this video


    IMVUJAZ8 小时 前

    this y i love him.

  33. Danny Danny

    Danny Danny8 小时 前

    R.I.P. Ahmad Arbury and George Floyd 🖤

  34. Hashtag

    Hashtag8 小时 前

    Wow! This is actually my first time listening to Polo. Dam he's lyrical and he actually meaningful. Most rappers nowadays aren't. He deserves many more subscribers then just 1 million. God dam I hate seeing lyrical masters like this dued be underrated. Hope people remember him throughout the years. Keep supporting this guy everyone!There aren't many like him anymore.

  35. Faever Queen

    Faever Queen8 小时 前

    Its so sad,because your killed for the colour of your skin

  36. Conor Twomey

    Conor Twomey8 小时 前

    Most fire song in his album🔥🔥

  37. x lay

    x lay8 小时 前

    2 pac is that happiness man a live right now

  38. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot8 小时 前

    #RIPgeorgefloyd Let’s not be non-racist Let’s be Anti-racist

  39. djpuchy

    djpuchy8 小时 前

    "We die young so I couldn't picture an older me" Facts people out here killing young rappers.We must protect polo g at all costs❌ 🧢

  40. Kyano den Breejen

    Kyano den Breejen8 小时 前

    The police is so fkng racist they gotta fkng stop 😭😭😭😖😖😥😥😠

  41. Black Viper

    Black Viper8 小时 前

    This song made me cry man I mean after goerge Floyd police incident damn!😥😢

  42. Ziryaax

    Ziryaax9 小时 前


  43. 的胆量告诉我你

    的胆量告诉我你9 小时 前


  44. Jaivon Bivins

    Jaivon Bivins9 小时 前

    He one of the few rappers that speak facts

  45. vibe

    vibe9 小时 前

    ACAB broo

  46. Scarl3s

    Scarl3s9 小时 前

    i swear i cried listening to this

  47. Zazi

    Zazi9 小时 前

    R.I.P George Floyd

  48. mxm mxm

    mxm mxm9 小时 前

    Bro why the fuck is this not trending

  49. reggeh mon

    reggeh mon9 小时 前

    my dad is a black officer in sf and he was the saddest i ever saw him when we watched that vid of george floyd

  50. Z'Nichi Steave

    Z'Nichi Steave9 小时 前

    Polo is one of the goats

  51. Allow

    Allow9 小时 前


  52. Anthony Vigil

    Anthony Vigil9 小时 前


  53. HomelessRichGuy

    HomelessRichGuy9 小时 前

    Ruined the Realest Song In The World, With your little girl bullshit, mumble autotune rap shit

  54. IOS.Imperior ?

    IOS.Imperior ?9 小时 前

    And also my nigga dont mumble.

  55. IOS.Imperior ?

    IOS.Imperior ?9 小时 前

    I can tell u Don't know because u to old

  56. IOS.Imperior ?

    IOS.Imperior ?9 小时 前

    It was homage for tupac

  57. IOS.Imperior ?

    IOS.Imperior ?9 小时 前

    Why u so 😠

  58. GabrielMooreTv

    GabrielMooreTv9 小时 前

    “you ain’t my color then you don’t know the struggle of living black” this line really resonates now. RIP Gorge Floyd😭

  59. Jeremiah Reynolds

    Jeremiah Reynolds9 小时 前

    Who else saw king von though

  60. Mya Alexander

    Mya Alexander10 小时 前

    This is the song that should bring all our people together right now

  61. Yasin Ben Ramdane

    Yasin Ben Ramdane10 小时 前

    Deserves more Attention!!!!!!!!!

  62. FBG Nasir

    FBG Nasir10 小时 前


  63. We g

    We g10 小时 前

    “If the police shoot at one of my brothers I’m shooting back” that’s what every black person should do

  64. Notorious Azlynn

    Notorious Azlynn10 小时 前

    the beat kinda sounds like a tupac song{changes}

  65. CBK Judge

    CBK Judge10 小时 前

    This just shows that Polo was meant for making music this changed my mindset of alot of people this is gonna be a grammy

  66. Gudda King Gudda

    Gudda King Gudda10 小时 前


  67. Ayden Speth

    Ayden Speth10 小时 前

    Damn that ending though🤯

  68. Jay Flex

    Jay Flex10 小时 前

    May George Floyd Rest In Peace🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️

  69. Kvng Eric

    Kvng Eric10 小时 前

    RIP to 1. Keith Childress 2. Bettie Jones 3. Kevin Matthews 4. Michael Noel 5. Leroy Browning 6. Roy Nelson 7. Miguel Espinal 8. Nathaniel Pickett 9. Tiara Thomas 10. Cornelius Brown 11. Jamar Clark 12. Richard Perkins 13. Michael Lee Marshall 14. Alonzo Smith 15. Anthony Ashford 16. Eric Gardner 17. George Floyd and the list goes on... All unarmed black individuals a mix of females and males its sad to know our protectors are killing us because of a color because diffrent pigmet in there skin this needs to stop this world has came to a horrible place things like this have been going on forever but now they are getting filimed please dont fight the officers they dont care they will shoot kids they kill unarmed people BLACK people stop this race war please...#Icantbreath#blm#justice and ps. polo u are one of the truest artist I listen to please keep it up much love to the goat...

  70. Droqz

    Droqz10 小时 前

    You honestly predicted something we didnt know what was coming

  71. Ck Jackson

    Ck Jackson11 小时 前

    Damn this shit touched me man ❤🙌🏾🔥

  72. 1000 subs with no vids??

    1000 subs with no vids??11 小时 前

    A breathing cops a bad cop🐷

  73. Famous Cryp

    Famous Cryp11 小时 前

    Literally a week after this video:

  74. Icyyy Ivan

    Icyyy Ivan11 小时 前

    This song gotta get a Grammy nomination

  75. Roadrunner

    Roadrunner11 小时 前

    2pac wouldn't have had a problem with Polo doing his song justice



    This is beautiful bro just why is this world so fuckin cruel we all the same ma nigga why just why are we killing our own beings may all the beautiful souls that have been killed because of racism or been tortured to death rest in peace. Black and white don't matter we all are the motherfuckin same please stay safe everyone RIP George floyd ❤🕊 and polo you the goat ma nigga ❤❤



    @Polo G

  78. SEN sirculż

    SEN sirculż11 小时 前

    These lyrics hit hard. Especially after George Floyd. Great work Polo G. you ARE the GOAT 🐐 in my eyes 🔥🔥💯💯

  79. Dripness #

    Dripness #11 小时 前

    Polo g puts out another song to release my pain to 🙏

  80. Karen Read

    Karen Read11 小时 前

    Im glad for polo g he is a realy good guy hes made a long way in the rap game

  81. BoobieG 219

    BoobieG 21911 小时 前

    Perfect Time for this video to much going on in this world

  82. Karen Read

    Karen Read11 小时 前

    Is this song based off of the the white cop who shot the black 15 year old in minioplice

  83. Aakil Singh

    Aakil Singh11 小时 前

    Rest in power George♥️

  84. Jake Mg

    Jake Mg11 小时 前

    Damn this song is gonna make me cry after another crime god is watching them

  85. Michelle Stevenson

    Michelle Stevenson11 小时 前

    If Pac was still alive too hear this he would have been smiling 💯 and pry did ah remake with him 💯🎯🔥🔥