LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away"

"Never Get Away" by LiL Lotus
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Directed by @maxmoorefilms
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  1. Dion Stewart

    Dion Stewart18 小时 前

    This literally Kyle ren with tattoos

  2. Dion Stewart

    Dion Stewart18 小时 前

    This literally Kyle ren with tattoos

  3. Mick Clough

    Mick Clough天 前

    Love how LilSaku’s in the video

  4. L. Cash

    L. Cash3 天 前

    this shit sucks donk dick. embarrassed for Epitaph.

  5. Matt Andrew

    Matt Andrew3 天 前

    Fire track, it's great to see artists becoming successful solo and getting signed; drum machines and autotune get it poppin'

  6. King of Ember

    King of Ember4 天 前

    That transition from the torn up, apocalyptic world to the field of flowers and Lotus standing in it is perfection.

  7. Break Ashar

    Break Ashar8 天 前

    sadboy for eva

  8. SpideyWesk18

    SpideyWesk189 天 前

    This Song is actually Good and the Video is interesting :-) Good work!!!

  9. Elgin Coates

    Elgin Coates17 天 前

    This sounds exactly like early MySpace music wtf. Have I really gotten so old that the music I listened to as a kid in high school has become cool again?

  10. Snowy

    Snowy18 天 前

    Man I really vibe with this track. Just hits something inside of me.

  11. AdultToons

    AdultToons18 天 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> to replay

  12. Nick Ciaschini

    Nick Ciaschini18 天 前

    This guy is the result of greenday, simple plan, lil peep and Kylo Ren all had an orgy

  13. Beer Bands and Beyond

    Beer Bands and Beyond21 天 前

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again....Emo Rap is just Crunkcore 2020

  14. Manuel Lopez

    Manuel Lopez21 天 前

    Emo Kylo Ren

  15. LAYDEN - The Best Free CS:GO Demos

    LAYDEN - The Best Free CS:GO Demos21 天 前

    Omg I like you but that drummer looks like Lil Lotus :D

  16. Ian Lewis

    Ian Lewis21 天 前

    Holy shit go Adam Driver

  17. I am the end

    I am the end22 天 前

    Damn Kyle ren dooki water

  18. Fortnum Sound

    Fortnum Sound22 天 前

    Cheese. Autotune. No talent. And "LIL" before his name. Talk about originality

  19. Faithleap

    Faithleap8 天 前

    Hows your record deal with Epitaph going buddy

  20. SBC

    SBC19 天 前

    He can sing perfectly without autotune and having lil in his name doesn't mean anything

  21. Steve K

    Steve K23 天 前

    This needs to be on radio, it is legit better than alot of shit on the radio...thumbs up Lil`Saku...

  22. phatrhymes _

    phatrhymes _24 天 前


  23. JSweetbassplayer

    JSweetbassplayer25 天 前

    Remind me of 2008 emo pop punk with a modern vibe I Actually kind a like it

  24. Thomas Obrigewitch

    Thomas Obrigewitch27 天 前

    New era of pop punk

  25. Tom Roche Vox

    Tom Roche Vox27 天 前

    Epitaph always ahead of the curve ❤️

  26. killerrain gold

    killerrain gold27 天 前

    One of my favorite song bye you

  27. MrMotherfuck123

    MrMotherfuck12327 天 前

    A whole Generation of facetatted Fucks who get rid of them in 20 Years. If they get this far at all...

  28. oofig

    oofig19 天 前

    ok boomer

  29. Sr. Sacaninha

    Sr. Sacaninha28 天 前


  30. Brandon C

    Brandon C28 天 前

    This is good, I'm liking this guys stuff. I hope he does some pop punk songs because he's got the perfect voice and look for it.

  31. DimeStoreHood

    DimeStoreHood28 天 前

    Brett G. has lost his goddamn mind

  32. Jason

    Jason28 天 前

    @UCjewxGh1Gx5i5Uzxn0v-TPw recent vid entitled "EPITAPH RECORDS: the only REAL punk label?" brought this crotchety old mid-30s punk rocker here.

  33. N T

    N T28 天 前

    Blink-Rap 182!

  34. Tront Foxes

    Tront Foxes28 天 前

    Kyro Ren comes back as an emo rapper

  35. Toby Wan Kenobi

    Toby Wan Kenobi28 天 前

    You suck!

  36. kidd_gokuu

    kidd_gokuu29 天 前




    castles lil peep lil tracy song

  38. oofig

    oofig19 天 前


  39. Joao Pedro Furian

    Joao Pedro Furian29 天 前

  40. xDreamseller

    xDreamseller个月 前

    why are face tattoos even legal.

  41. Tighty Whitey

    Tighty Whitey28 天 前

    xDreamseller because that would be some commie ass shit

  42. Bryan Gilston

    Bryan Gilston个月 前

    Auto tune

  43. ichigo lil hoe

    ichigo lil hoe个月 前

  44. GHOSTBOY 64

    GHOSTBOY 64个月 前

    Kylo ren really went emo

  45. Garret

    Garret个月 前

    I've never seen someone try so hard to look like other people more. Be yourself, although it's too late for this one.

  46. J. E. R

    J. E. R个月 前

    I’m tired of this Lil artists

  47. Jason Innes

    Jason Innes个月 前

    Fuck epitaph

  48. Third Eye Flow

    Third Eye Flow个月 前

    Fuck you

  49. neilwiththedeal

    neilwiththedeal个月 前

    He the next Lil Blurry

  50. The Punk Rock MBA

    The Punk Rock MBA个月 前

    So good! Gives me so many feels

  51. Peter Mendel

    Peter Mendel个月 前

    Epitaph saw the opportunity in Emo Rap and took it! Fucking love it!

  52. Josiah Nowlan

    Josiah Nowlan个月 前

    Sounds like Story of the Year. Not a good thing.

  53. Rob B.

    Rob B.个月 前

    I was totally prepared to post a ridiculous, uneducated, hateful comment... But I actually kinda dig this track!

  54. Brandon C

    Brandon C28 天 前

    Same dude but his stuff is slowly growing on me

  55. Pauduro duro msm

    Pauduro duro msm个月 前

    Que produção em fio

  56. Cody

    Cody个月 前

    When I read "Lil Lotus" I expected to see a late 90's elise with tattoos under it's headlights

  57. sue smith

    sue smith个月 前

    Stay together always ♥




  59. Todd H

    Todd H个月 前

    This is the second evolution form of lil xan

  60. oofig

    oofig19 天 前

    no lil xan is just braindead at this point this dude just got sober

  61. halfofakitty

    halfofakitty个月 前

    my cat clicked this ...meh..

  62. Kobain Peep

    Kobain Peep个月 前


  63. Ʀ¡ƈƙ

    Ʀ¡ƈƙ个月 前

    nice music man

  64. Brad Moore

    Brad Moore个月 前

    God damn I hope this era of music dies off soon. You Winey fucking bitches are so worthless. Also auto tune died . Please dear god keep overdosing every last one of these face tat junkies

  65. Josue the ascended one.

    Josue the ascended one.个月 前

    Stfu you gross neckbeard, get out of here with your drop d riffs.

  66. Greg Arrowood

    Greg Arrowood个月 前

    When did Secondhand Serenade and Owl City have a baby?

  67. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos个月 前

    Oh my fucking god lol reminds me of all the dumb ass high school kids recording there rap videos on their new iPhones by their friends piece of shit cars lol wow

  68. gloxys

    gloxys个月 前

    does anyone else get monkey vibes from lotus

  69. Curro Galván

    Curro Galván个月 前

    Sorry mom, I'm emo again.

  70. Levi Munafo

    Levi Munafo个月 前

    lovinng the visuals

  71. Eve Of Spring

    Eve Of Spring个月 前

    My favorite Lotus song.

  72. Сергей Силаев

    Сергей Силаев个月 前

    Enrages when you live in a garbage dump, and there Lil lotus clip takes

  73. Dan Mck

    Dan Mck个月 前

    Ngl the amount of shit i related to in this was unreal

  74. Ya Boi Avery

    Ya Boi Avery个月 前

    Honeslty lotus is the quiet kid in the class that only speaks when he has some real shit to say, he's a hidden gem until he's not, hopefully soon he'll get some recognition since the epitaph signing

  75. Brian Agawo

    Brian Agawo个月 前

    Big up from Kenya❤🥂

  76. Smoke Phatt

    Smoke Phatt个月 前

    "show me pictures of me and Loretta" If I see this ad one more time I'm gonna lose my fuckin shit

  77. Gharya Prastya

    Gharya Prastya个月 前

    Not a fan of the autotune,but still a great song

  78. muurr

    muurr个月 前

    ill always be ur fan

  79. AverageMike

    AverageMike个月 前

    Why he look like Professor Snape and Kylo Rens child

  80. Peter Della Franco

    Peter Della Franco个月 前


  81. Cody Johnston /,:

    Cody Johnston /,:个月 前


  82. Ya Boi Avery

    Ya Boi Avery个月 前

    What's wrong bro? ❤️

  83. Burt Randolph

    Burt Randolph个月 前

    I am just now finding out about this video... smh I’m late af

  84. Ya Boi Avery

    Ya Boi Avery个月 前

    Just make sure you're here for the next one 🙏✌️

  85. sad cristal beach

    sad cristal beach个月 前

    ясно натурал

  86. Ponchase

    Ponchase个月 前

    I make emo rap and aggressive trap music if you’d like to hear! Thanks for your time.

  87. Mike Tython

    Mike Tython个月 前

    Goth ith that therveruth thnape?? What happened to him with all thothe fathe tattooth and the Thad muthic and thtuff

  88. Ya Boi Avery

    Ya Boi Avery个月 前

    Holy shit it took me a second

  89. LEEBRA lee

    LEEBRA lee个月 前


  90. Tr1pSiK

    Tr1pSiK个月 前

    He has a voice for 2000's punk

  91. Jan Kristak

    Jan Kristak个月 前

    Honestly I don't listen rap, but this feels different from it. So I give it go

  92. whydon'tcry

    whydon'tcry个月 前

    Check my song

  93. Amoxap1ne

    Amoxap1ne个月 前

    Facebook: Twitter: Fix it please!