Jaden - Ninety

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  1. AMAN

    AMAN35 分钟 前

    Anemoia - Nostalgia for a time you've never known.

  2. Elizabeth Rammidi

    Elizabeth Rammidi51 分钟 前

    Jaden just took me to Therapy, this is magical...I feel the emotions, I see the heartbreak and I can relate. Boys & men shouldn’t be afraid to show their emotions, we’re all human.

  3. Tochukwu Udu

    Tochukwu Udu小时 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="347">5:47</a> magic to my ears.

  4. Tochukwu Udu

    Tochukwu Udu小时 前

    i cry in alot of my music videos lmfao muchdank.

  5. BrownBearBoxProductions

    BrownBearBoxProductions小时 前

    If you read this please play miles morales in spiderman 3

  6. flores official

    flores official2 小时 前

    Karate kid

  7. michael high

    michael high3 小时 前

    So we all going to act like Jaden wasn't yanking ole girls arm off or what

  8. George Johnson

    George Johnson3 小时 前

    Did anyone else see the little dip As the beat drops?

  9. Katja

    Katja3 小时 前


  10. Clinton Ezeani

    Clinton Ezeani4 小时 前

    He just keeps improving 🔥🔥

  11. Phillip De Groot

    Phillip De Groot4 小时 前

    What shoes are those? I mean the specific model

  12. Keagile Mahlangu

    Keagile Mahlangu4 小时 前

    been waiting for this fo long jay

  13. Evelyn nnn

    Evelyn nnn5 小时 前

    I watched the pursuit of happyness yesterday .. Jaden you are a piece of cake

  14. 정국손

    정국손5 小时 前

    I remember that Karate Kid. Now he's going on the 'music road'

  15. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    This is Jaden’s lane. Wish he’d make even more songs like this

  16. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    You may not like em or everything he creates, but the kid is dope. Gotta respect em...

  17. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    Very rare you see a child from a celebrity have talent...and Jaden it's his own Man!! Got his own vibe, and love how he's so different..like when he tells a story in his songs..he draws you in...and this how you separate yourself and stand out!! He's underrated!!!

  18. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    Why am I feeling so nostalgic about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

  19. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    “I’m older now, the world’s a lot colder now.” 💯

  20. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    I love how he’s not scared to show emotions. This song slaps hard.

  21. 5000 Subscribers before 15 July

    5000 Subscribers before 15 July6 小时 前

    I love how he’s not scared to show emotions. This song slaps hard.

  22. Captain Buggy

    Captain Buggy6 小时 前

    look like he been sitting on old footage for a while now

  23. Lunch Box

    Lunch Box7 小时 前

    I don't understand the youth. This song proved it.

  24. i aM MAKER

    i aM MAKER8 小时 前

    Pick up the jacket

  25. Geovanni Martinez

    Geovanni Martinez8 小时 前

    This song still gives me chills

  26. Montez Allen

    Montez Allen8 小时 前

    Wtf happen to him

  27. Miranda Martin

    Miranda Martin8 小时 前

    Hi Jaden, I wanted to say I’m so sorry if your going through a heart break. Things do and will get better with time you are very cared for and very loved. Do not give up. You got this.

  28. Marlidor Aveni

    Marlidor Aveni8 小时 前

    Omggg his Emotions here!!!!🔫

  29. Marlidor Aveni

    Marlidor Aveni8 小时 前


  30. Holly Baker

    Holly Baker8 小时 前

    Want him to earn a Grammy someday. He deserves it.

  31. Tejas

    Tejas8 小时 前

    You need to change your music style Make your background music modern

  32. Okezy

    Okezy9 小时 前


  33. Henry Luna B

    Henry Luna B9 小时 前


  34. Luckie O

    Luckie O9 小时 前


  35. camilito

    camilito10 小时 前

    jayDen is fyrergin.

  36. Fuzzly OG

    Fuzzly OG10 小时 前

    Jaden uses lander


    JUAN EDITS11 小时 前

    Porque largou do karatê mano????

  38. iloverelish2

    iloverelish211 小时 前

    It has an Ulrich Schnauss - Monday Paracetamol, vibe...

  39. New Nen Gates

    New Nen Gates11 小时 前

    SYRE. A legendary story is going to be writen about you.

  40. Rishabh Moon

    Rishabh Moon11 小时 前

    ART just ART. Words can't describe the appreciation.

  41. HIPHOP

    HIPHOP13 小时 前

    Alguien que hable Español? 🔥🙏

  42. Ethan Scott

    Ethan Scott13 小时 前


  43. Orucso Ogam

    Orucso Ogam13 小时 前

    Que pena

  44. Matze D.

    Matze D.14 小时 前

    He's genius!

  45. mottafilm

    mottafilm14 小时 前

    It sounds different when u have her in your mind

  46. Jefferson Bispo

    Jefferson Bispo14 小时 前

    Brazil karatê kid

  47. Junio Silva

    Junio Silva14 小时 前

    Vc sempre vai ser meu ídolo sou seu fan número zero antes do um este fan número zero foi eu que inventei blz não quero cópia kkk vc e o máximo jadem gosto de vc atuando cantando dançando vc e criatura perfeita te ouso todo dia toda hora seu jeito de dançar e único demais quanto te vejo viajo em um mundo maravilhoso meu mundo meu cosmo meu tempo aí ninquem conseque tira meus momentos de felicidades obrigado por existir se eu foce milhonario iria te ver cantando onde quer que foce valeu vc e lindo campos de morango em seu caminho pra sempre

  48. Ok A

    Ok A15 小时 前

    I watch this last week but I just love it

  49. SAG 300

    SAG 30015 小时 前

    This is art , so much effort to put this piece together ... true hiphop coming from the soul

  50. Isabella Naomi Black Moon

    Isabella Naomi Black Moon15 小时 前

    He is getting so fucking good!!!! Like his album was amazing as is but this is a masterpiece in itself! The creativity and visuals are so unmatched. That violet sky.💕

  51. Anga .nation

    Anga .nation15 小时 前

    Y’all now this song was dropped like 3 years ago💀💀💀💀

  52. Amber Cromer

    Amber Cromer15 小时 前

    Keep changing the world, Jaden. You're doing great.

  53. okokukok

    okokukok15 小时 前

    I feel like a fucking stone

  54. Magali medina

    Magali medina15 小时 前


  55. Xkk Xkk

    Xkk Xkk15 小时 前

    we need song Jaden and pharrell williams...i think its will be ICON

  56. The One

    The One16 小时 前

    He said "ain got no money"

  57. Jaime Wood

    Jaime Wood16 小时 前

    is it mean to say I love when artists cry?

  58. Memes Club

    Memes Club17 小时 前


  59. Luis Tavares

    Luis Tavares17 小时 前

    finally something normal

  60. Said Recio

    Said Recio18 小时 前

    Jaden trying to be brad Pitt in se7en so bad

  61. Cierra Reeves

    Cierra Reeves18 小时 前


  62. Cierra Reeves

    Cierra Reeves18 小时 前


  63. Dims

    Dims18 小时 前


  64. Elena Čandiková

    Elena Čandiková18 小时 前


  65. Asma Benghouba

    Asma Benghouba19 小时 前

    So iconic! this video shows how heart break feel like when your love is so deep for one person, iam in love with your songs Jaden!

  66. blurry face

    blurry face19 小时 前

    Jaden is a work hard artist with a massage , and people always underestimate him this song shows how artistic he is.

  67. Luka Boutin

    Luka Boutin19 小时 前

    I think mister Han would be proud

  68. Girlysketching

    Girlysketching19 小时 前

    This is pure ART.

  69. Disaster D&L

    Disaster D&L19 小时 前

    Привет, я из России... ощущения этого клипа проходят сквозь меня. Прошу тебя, не останавливайся, ты очень классно делаешь это. Поёшь классно, ты уникален, спасибо тебе!)

  70. JK1LIFE

    JK1LIFE20 小时 前

    Literally can’t stop listening to this song

  71. Matthew Hampshire

    Matthew Hampshire20 小时 前

    Looks like E.T at times

  72. Nyasha Mabuto

    Nyasha Mabuto20 小时 前

    He should continue with this lane

  73. OLAT

    OLAT20 小时 前

    This song makes me feel a particular way everytime I listen to it

  74. emmanuel larbi

    emmanuel larbi21 小时 前

    “It’s not my country we all come from Africa” haha love that

  75. Antonio Montaga

    Antonio Montaga21 小时 前

    man fuck it i remembr u when u be a kid i'll remembr all u legeand now good for u

  76. iOlwethu

    iOlwethu22 小时 前

    I cried watching this! also, I think I'm preggo from his tears.

  77. Mari Vern

    Mari Vern22 小时 前


  78. Samantha Lisbeth

    Samantha Lisbeth22 小时 前


  79. prince aranha

    prince aranha22 小时 前

    Don't know why I am listening to this song everyday. Big up jaden, this song is so good

  80. Stratusfying

    Stratusfying22 小时 前