GFRIEND (여자친구) '교차로 (Crossroads)' Official M/V

GFRIEND (여자친구) '교차로 (Crossroads)' Official M/V
Director : YooJeong Ko
1st AD : Yena Kang
2nd AD : HaYoung Yoon
Production Assistant : Haneol Park, ChaeJung Yu
Associate Producer : Emma Sungeun Kim (GE production)
Location Manager : ChanHee Lee
Assistant Producer : JuYoung An
Production Assistant : TaeWoo Doh
DOP : HanGyeol Lee
Focus puller : JooYoung Ha, SeoHee Seo
2nd : HyunJun Park, MinJae Seo
DIT : SoYoung Moon
3rd : JaeHyeop Shin, DongHyuk Shin
Gaffer : Jisung Park
1st : Jongeun Kim
2nd : Jaeho Jung
3rd : Sera Kim, Sunjin Kim
4th : Hongjae Kim
5th : Junho Song
Generator : Youngwook Kim
Jimmy Jib : YoungJung Kim, HyunIn Kim, MinHyuk Go
Grip : NamHee Park, JiMin Kim, SeJin Lee, Sang Hyeok Ko
Art Director : SangSeon Kim (FAKE9)
Art Team : BoEun So, JinA Oh, GunWoong Yoon, SangYe Kim
MCC : 54st
Special Effect : ChoulYoung Park (DRAGON)
Edit : Yena Kang
3D VFX : SecondFloor
Supervisor : DY.B
3D Artist : Jaejin.D, Jieun.H
FX Artist : Daeyoung.B
2D Compositor : Sungkyu.Y, Dongil.H
Project Manager : Pure.K
Sound Designer : YouHoon Kim, HyunDong Kim
Location support :
Coex Aquarium
Seoul Metro
Seoul Film Commission
Seoul Location Support Dept.
Incheon Transit Corporation
Incheon Film Commission
Incheon Production Support Team
Visual Creative : Jihoon Um
Artist Management : HyungEun Kim, JeongHwan Kim, KwanYoung Ko, Miri Hong, JongGeun Oh, SiHyun Kim

SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea
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    Happy Anniversary #SOWON! Kim So Jung (real name) has been appointed as #GFRIEND Group Leader by SOURCE MUSIC @SOURCEMUSIC dated 2014.02.25 (6 years today) .@GFRDofficial Sowon-nim thank you so much for being a leader and a mother to 5 talented beagles! Buddies loves you! Cr:@SouHitUnited All hail Leader Sowon!

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    Continuation of Gfriend part in knowing brother : at 1:19:03

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    The music is like a combination of sunrise and mv songs like finger tips

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    There's also part from rough and time for the moonight, and all of Gfriend past mv actually.

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    Gfriend's Songs Maybe won't hype you up Gfriend is Maybe Boring for the other Kpop Stans Gfriend is maybe isn't that Mainstream compare to the other girlgroups these days But all I know that Gfriend is the group who made their own Style that they can Fit in without trying any concept Just to get along with the trend, instead they're making their songs remaining classical and extraordinary. what makes great about Gfriend's music is they always use real musical instruments and have lyrical songs, Songs that everyone can relate to and make you think and ponder, GFRIEND is an ideal of a QUALITY MUSIC with a QUALITY TALENT.

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    After listening to Gfriend's songs for years, I have started to notice how repetitive the beat and rhythm for other songs is. I think Gfriend is really unique with their style. There's so many instrumental and vocal differences in every aspect of this song and it makes it fascinating to listen to every time! Initially I liked Labyrinth more, but I honestly love this song even more. I never get tired of it.