Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"

"I'm Enough" by Early Eyes
Stream & download: earlyeyes.ffm.to/imenough
Video by Lilacs Media
Directed by Charlie Berg
Producer: Megan Engebretson
Director of Photography: Garrett Wells
Gaffer: Thomas VandenDolder
1st A.C.: Justin Bruellman
Art Director: Anna Gregory
Choreographer: Alexis Lund
Edited by Charlie Berg and Garrett Wells
Never learned to misstep
Never learned to misbehave
All I know is to run away and feel misplaced
I have made all the right mistakes
Sometimes it feels good to wait
I’ll tell you that I’m in love with reflections of my potential
When I get to be alone but I g candlelight
I’d like to think I’m enough, but my looks are so circumstantial
I wish I could feel the same when I go out at night
I think I’ll stay here inside
Pulling thread with starry eyes
All I do is cut my clothes to feel alive
I have made all the right mistakes
Sometimes it’s so hard to wait
I’ll tell you that I’m in love with reflections of my potential
When I get to be alone but I g candlelight
I’d like to think I’m enough, but my looks are so circumstantial
I wish I could feel the same when I go out at night
Hear my voice and just get to know me now
I’ll tell you that I’m in love with reflections of my potential
When I get to be alone but I g candlelight
I’d like to think I’m enough, but my looks are so circumstantial
I wish I could feel the same when I go out at night
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  1. StupidYaKFelipe

    StupidYaKFelipe9 天 前

    Love this song, you guys are so talented can't wait to see what else you'll accomplish!

  2. Keelin Blackburn

    Keelin Blackburn22 天 前

    This person looks like Jasmine from Birdcloud.

  3. 川m

    川m23 天 前


  4. Nejc

    Nejc24 天 前

    Why does this guy look exactly like Louie from Danger Incorperated?

  5. mark galvin

    mark galvin个月 前

    Very pop, almost funk. I like it.

  6. ChaingunCassidy

    ChaingunCassidy个月 前

    This is fantastic.

  7. Dear You

    Dear You个月 前

    This hit on a different level. Great work.

  8. SkyTheStarhero

    SkyTheStarhero个月 前

    I feel like ya'll are gonna take off for sure

  9. fay

    fay个月 前

    the lesbian in me wants their style wow

  10. Nejc

    Nejc个月 前

    Reminds on some song I already heard, almost like it's sampled... very good 👍

  11. maurizio piras piras

    maurizio piras piras个月 前

    Alphabet people!?...no fucking way

  12. kaminznanna

    kaminznanna个月 前

    Reminds me of the new joker movie

  13. Annie Lewis

    Annie Lewis个月 前


  14. Tijuana iguana

    Tijuana iguana个月 前

    Sounds like owl city

  15. Kyle Goldberg

    Kyle Goldberg个月 前

    Look if some shit like this ends up in my playlist because of falling in reverse again I will stop listening this is fucking creepy and weird I'm sick of corporations trying to push a political agenda on me.

  16. Nejc

    Nejc个月 前

    Calm yo ass. This is just different genre. Also stop watching music. Music should be listened.

  17. Isaias Ferro

    Isaias Ferro个月 前

    Genial 😲😍

  18. James Gullickson

    James Gullickson个月 前

    Ohhh, I'm getting joker vibes from that ending (I mean that in the best way possible btw)

  19. SP

    SP个月 前

    im going wild over this music. absolutely apeshit over the mv. my life is like x1000 times better after watching this thank you legends

  20. SP

    SP个月 前

    LETS GO EARLY EYESSSSS!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. PαɾαʅყZȥҽԃBყSιZȥҽ

    PαɾαʅყZȥҽԃBყSιZȥҽ个月 前

    Totally thought it was Claire Danes at first when he was looking in the mirror. 😬🤣

  22. Ben Hannington

    Ben Hannington个月 前

    I keep thinking of a aerosmith song

  23. Maddie

    Maddie个月 前

    words can't explain how much i love his hair lol

  24. jOd

    jOd个月 前

    Thought this was the secondary vocalist from "As It is" lol

  25. miasma

    miasma个月 前


  26. Raymond Garcia

    Raymond Garcia个月 前

    Had seizures since I was 4 months old

  27. Hannah Gandrud

    Hannah Gandrud个月 前

    The raw beauty of this video is exactly what I would expect from Jake Berglove and Early Eyes ❤️

  28. Fabulous Killjoy

    Fabulous Killjoy个月 前

    Legit thought he was a woman for the first minute

  29. Jonnie Slug

    Jonnie Slug个月 前


  30. Chuck Dumpster

    Chuck Dumpster2 个月 前

    Epitaph.... Da fuqq are you doing??? Really??

  31. Nejc

    Nejc个月 前

    Stop hating because it's pop LEL.

  32. Katina Gehn

    Katina Gehn2 个月 前

    Hi, I’d just like to say that I appreciate your existence

  33. JN Perez

    JN Perez2 个月 前

    So catchy and groovy, on repeat!

  34. DrThrashNBarf

    DrThrashNBarf2 个月 前

    I miss you epitaph records. Please come back.

  35. Calebm90

    Calebm902 个月 前

    Great song and beautiful video. You just got a new fan :)

  36. Pretty Bad At Everything

    Pretty Bad At Everything2 个月 前

    I like the bass a lot. Thank you for including lyrics. They're important here.

  37. Smithy876

    Smithy8762 个月 前

    Holy fuuck that was so good!!! I'm so proud of you folks!!

  38. Basil Baby

    Basil Baby2 个月 前

    Everything they put out is a bop!

  39. Samantha K

    Samantha K2 个月 前

    Strong Mika "We Are Golden" video vibes in the best way possible

  40. Ryanne Olson

    Ryanne Olson2 个月 前

    The nicest group of people you’ll ever meet at a show. So happy to see jake getting to express what they love to do! Can’t wait to see you in Milwaukee and Chicago again 🥰🥳

  41. Stephanie K.

    Stephanie K.2 个月 前

    i’ve been following your music since you released minutes and i feel like a proud mom seeing all the ways you’ve grown and improved🥺🥺 absolutely in love with this song!!

  42. Paige Barnett

    Paige Barnett2 个月 前

    This is amazing. Love the lyrics! Sooo good!

  43. lil elf mage

    lil elf mage2 个月 前

    This is so groovy and catchy, love it c:

  44. Gnarwolf

    Gnarwolf2 个月 前


  45. Gus Oppeau

    Gus Oppeau2 个月 前


  46. Music Playlists

    Music Playlists2 个月 前

    Pretty lyrics

  47. losangeleslovesyou

    losangeleslovesyou2 个月 前


  48. tim_vids

    tim_vids2 个月 前

    can't wait to cry to this song every night until i die

  49. Kekhoy bear

    Kekhoy bear2 个月 前

    Like a Joker

  50. Tentacle Brain

    Tentacle Brain2 个月 前

    Fuck this is awesome. Lyrically, sound wise, mastering wise, this is amazing.

  51. Tentacle Brain

    Tentacle Brain2 个月 前


  52. ZombieB22

    ZombieB222 个月 前


  53. Steven Brausch

    Steven Brausch2 个月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> Jake looked so beautiful in that scene!! Love the new song guys! keep up the awesome work!! U all rock

  54. Maddie

    Maddie个月 前

    as soon as i saw the scene my mind automatically went "prettyy"

  55. New Tree Smell

    New Tree Smell2 个月 前

    thank you Early Eyes for giving my life meaning again

  56. Travis Hall

    Travis Hall2 个月 前

    This is actually really good. Surprised to see so many dislikes but keep up the great work guys, you just made a new fan. 👍

  57. Daydream-Nation X

    Daydream-Nation X个月 前

    nyengster that’s a pretty dumb reason but that could certainly be it.

  58. sto12m

    sto12m个月 前

    @nyengster finally someone gets it

  59. nyengster

    nyengster个月 前

    @Travis Hall IM pretty sure its because Epitaph usually have punk music, and this is... well something els.

  60. Travis Hall

    Travis Hall2 个月 前

    @icanmakeeverythingilovedie Probably. The video is a very much trans/gay oriented but I don't care. Good music is music. Gay, straight, bi, or whatever I appreciate the music that I like. But you're probably right on why there's so many dislikes and if that's the case then oh well, music speaks for itself and in my opinion this is quality music.

  61. icanmakeeverythingilovedie

    icanmakeeverythingilovedie2 个月 前

    The dislikes are purely because of the vocalist. People aren't very open to trans/gender neutral/etc people in music. You can see the same thing with the band "Incase We Crash".

  62. Jay Alheit

    Jay Alheit2 个月 前

    Sounds like the hollows. Type mellow. Hey. Anyone want to check out. The hollows. Look up the band. And stumble on tapes is the song.

  63. Cindy Putry

    Cindy Putry2 个月 前

    Wow, that voice of yours is a gem. Love the music too! Thanks for making my day. First time listening and I'm a fan ❤️

  64. Squelch King

    Squelch King2 个月 前

    Ight imma got eat three steaks, drive fast, and get in a fight after that

  65. Karon Conover

    Karon Conover2 个月 前


  66. Davidsjeans

    Davidsjeans2 个月 前


  67. Dr Benjamin Stacker

    Dr Benjamin Stacker2 个月 前

    Good job deleting comments. Remember when Epitaph supported punk bands that stood for something? Now you delete people that give their opinion. Done with you sissies.

  68. F0rgzion

    F0rgzion2 个月 前

    I prefer Queen

  69. Fabulous Killjoy

    Fabulous Killjoy个月 前

    Good for you…?

  70. TheDarkCloudNC

    TheDarkCloudNC2 个月 前


  71. Deborah Meltrozo

    Deborah Meltrozo2 个月 前

    It's pretty catchy for being such degenerate propaganda

  72. Deborah Meltrozo

    Deborah Meltrozo2 个月 前

    @barncat you don't think it's catchy? I think it's pretty good all in all

  73. barncat

    barncat2 个月 前

    oh shut up

  74. Jewish Pride

    Jewish Pride2 个月 前

    Dislike for gay propaganda in music

  75. Karon Conover

    Karon Conover22 天 前

    Just close your eyes and listen to the music.

  76. todd laber

    todd laber2 个月 前

    This is trash wtf is going on at epitaph putting this shit out....they use to be punk now they put this dumpster fire in to the world...and also is that a guy or a girl..

  77. Liz Lanari

    Liz Lanari2 个月 前


  78. Edwin Aviles

    Edwin Aviles2 个月 前

    What a great song! My hair is a bit longer than his and I thought of doing it purple instead of pink.

  79. Chris Burks

    Chris Burks2 个月 前

    Damn epitaph..... What happened?

  80. nathan stull

    nathan stull2 个月 前

    This is something I needed today, for the last 4 days at my college we have been protesting for a reform of our title IX policies and we finally did. The administration listened and we got our demands. I’ve been super drained and this song just gave me such a warm feeling. Thanks early eyes

  81. dave lynch

    dave lynch2 个月 前

    ....if you listen closely you can hear Jodi Foster banging on the Door

  82. Julio Gulio

    Julio Gulio2 个月 前

    Is Epitaph takes notes from Vice news?

  83. Julio Gulio

    Julio Gulio2 个月 前

    Buffalo Bill?

  84. molochfeeds

    molochfeeds2 个月 前

    Disco, really?

  85. dave lynch

    dave lynch2 个月 前

    ...Is this the Buffalo Bill Music Video for Silence of the Lambs??... This isn't the sound of the Epitaph i knew or Subscribed to...But i guess it's about what "SELLS" ... now a days

  86. Jillian Sundling

    Jillian Sundling个月 前

    @dave lynch oh get a room you two....hah!?

  87. dave lynch

    dave lynch2 个月 前

    @Liam Giuliani i apologize if i came off as a judgemental jerk, I'm glad we understand where we're both coming from, and glad we both feel passionate about our opinions, No hard feelings man...Rock on brother👍👍

  88. Liam Giuliani

    Liam Giuliani2 个月 前

    @dave lynch I get that now, I definitely overreacted to your comment. I was kinda heated from seeing all the negativity being directed by people personally towards the singer, truly pointless. Either way, I shouldn't point that at you lol. I still stand by the point of what I was saying, but it comes down to personal opinion by then, and that is fine.

  89. dave lynch

    dave lynch2 个月 前

    @Liam Giuliani I didn't criticize the Music, nor am i angry or trying to offend anyone, Like i said before it's not my Type..And i Completely understand your mindset and perspective in which Your coming from, But i'm Allowed to have an Opinion... just as Much as you, That doesn't Make me Wrong or You Right...Just Two people coming from different perspective's, I'm gonna use another senerio here, If i Subscribed to a Label that Catered to Country Music and Snoop Doggie Dog started playing i would be just as surprised and would hopefully feel i was allowed to state my surprise, weather or not other people agree with Me or Not, i Love Music..Because it's an Expression of how We Feel, And That's all i was doing, Expressing how i feel about it, it's Ok you don't Agree with me, Because that's what makes this World Great...

  90. Liam Giuliani

    Liam Giuliani2 个月 前

    @Jillian Sundling Look, I'm not going to get into a gender and/or sexuality argument here. However, this isn't anything new. You do know David Bowie and Prince (and countless other artists) were wearing makeup in the 70s and 80s? I don't see your point.

  91. Madeline Himmer

    Madeline Himmer2 个月 前

    I love it. Love the song. Love the gold hands! Awesome.

  92. Moffee

    Moffee2 个月 前

    I'm literally in love with every song you make 😩😩✌✌✌♥️♥️♥️♥️

  93. belsie bubs

    belsie bubs2 个月 前


  94. twoSevenths

    twoSevenths2 个月 前

    I'm SO PROUD OF MY BOYS AND BEAN!! Y'ALL ARE SO GOOD!!!! I cant wait for the EP, album, whatever is next. I'm ready for it.

  95. Erin Minor

    Erin Minor2 个月 前

    Ahhhh so freaking good!!!

  96. Pedro Goldstein

    Pedro Goldstein2 个月 前


  97. Zack Hagstrom-Skalnek

    Zack Hagstrom-Skalnek2 个月 前

    Yesssss so goooood